Thursday, April 30, 2009

WIP's or UFO's

Some time ago ,probably two years I guess, I began this quilt in a class at Quiltsmith.
It is not finished but I prefer to think of this as a 'work in progress 'rather than an 'unfinished object'.
The fact that I haven't touched it in a while doesn't constitute it being unfinished as it is still on my mind to complete it. I hand pieced the complete top except for adding the borders.
I really love hand piecing and once again I enjoy fussy cutting my pieces where possible.
I'm not sure what you think but when hand piecing you really get to enjoy the fabric rather than it just whizzing past on the sewing machine.

The teacher named this quilt 'English Autumn', but I am going to name mine 'French Spring' just because I used quite a few pieces of french fabric and I think it contains the brightness of Provence.

Now the reason it is a WIP is because the next border is appliqued. The teacher needle turned her applique and it has not been my strong point, so it has been my stumbling block.
After reading so many blogs like Janet's and Cathy's that love to needleturn they have inspired me to try my hand at it once more. I am sure I can do it if I set my mind to it, but it has to be to a certain standard and if I don't reach that I am afraid it might end up a UFO.
I have got this far, I have transferred the pattern to the background, perhaps this weekend I might have a closer look at it . I will keep you updated.

After the applique border there is another border that is all pieced, different blocks, some of which include pieced hexagon curved stars.

I love love love fussy cutting , I have to say the curved piecing was a challenge , but after a little tuition I seemed to master it.

A couple more to go

Some of the blocks are pieced stars.
A few of the blocks need to be attached to their background fabric, but that shouldn't deter me.

I have to say I feel quite inspired to get this back out now as I look through these pictures.

I think I have made so many hexagon blocks in my time but never seen to tire of them.

some more of the curved hexagon stars

Thanks for looking and I have to say how much I appreciate the comments you leave for me.
You have all made me feel so welcome in the world of blogging.
Until next time

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Continuing the Journey

Well I have finally got the first round completed on my sampler.
This is a bit of a tough quilt to put together colour wise.
As I know what the completed quilt looks like I keep thinking that mine is looking flat, or getting too bright. (that's a bit of a contradiction) I keep having to take stock and think about the finished quilt and hopefully at the end of it I will have achieved the look I want. I am trying not to have a too pink quilt.
I have just decided not to agonise too much about it and I will just use what ever piece of fabric takes my fancy at the time. In a way I guess it just becomes a reflection of one's personality.Here are just a couple of close up photos of the different blocks.
I used pears instead of hearts that the teacher suggested. I like to change my blocks so they aren't identical to the original .
I love pears and they remind me of the work of Marg Sampson.

I tried to fussy cut the star blocks and they are all cut using different parts of the fabric to give a slightly different look to each block.

Pears on the other side, just to keep the balance.

another of the four star blocks.

I have made a start on the next round.
These are the Lucy Boston blocks, again I have fussy cut the fabric, I can't help myself.

I hope you are enjoying this journey as much as I am. Let me know what you think .
Until next time, happy sewing

Friday, April 24, 2009

The 'ish' works of Lady Shar

Now you are probably all wondering , what does the title to this post mean !
Let me explain. I am posting about the works of my friend Sharon today . Sharon is fondly known as Lady Shar and a Lady she is.
Sharon is a really prolific quilter and has made more quilts than I care to think about , but she always likes to change them, to put her stamp on them so to speak.
These quilts are referred to as 'ish' quilts as they have a resemblance the original quilt. It is often better to 'ish' a quilt if it means getting it finished, especially if it is only going to end up on the UFO pile. iykwim. This first quilt is the 'ish' of Buttercup. The original Buttercup had a pieced star in place of the large plain hexagon and the border was appliqued.
Sharon has soooo (read tons) many beautiful fabrics, that she likes to showcase them and what better way to do it than this. Here is a close up of some of those lovely fabrics.
and some more.

This quilt was done in a class at Killara Village Quilts, once again showcasing the fabric and using those gorgeous mauve's pinks and greens which are some of Sharon's favourite colours.

I just adore some of the fussy cutting and the simpleness of letting the gorgeous fabrics do the work.

and the beautiful bird fabric used in the border.

This is the 'ish' of Ann Daggs. Sharon is doing this in a class with the lovely Lyn Alchin.
Lyn is a lovely teacher and her work is superb. You will so want to make every quilt of hers.
They are traditional with a twist, and her colour choice is divine.

We had another great day of sewing , talking, reading , listening to Buddha Bar music and eating, really what more could a girl want.

I have just read through this post and it does seem a bit weird trying to explain this , anyway I hope you enjoy the quilts at least.
Enjoy your weekend

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Little Retail Therapy

As I haven't posted for a little while I thought I would show you a shop that I paid a visit to last weekend.
This shop is situated on the beautiful northern beaches area of Sydney in the suburb of Bilgola.
If you have never been there I suggest you make a visit.
The shelves are absolutely bulging with fabric.

I understand that today we have many sources of supply for our fabrics, however there is nothing quite like that first whiff of fabric when you step inside a patchwork shop, and then you can actually touch that fabric and play with bolts and fat quarters and put different textures together, fling in some bits of braid or ric rac or buttons , you can't do that on the web. It is most important that we support our Bricks and Mortar shops, otherwise they won't be around for us. There is nothing quite like a day out doing the rounds of the Patchwork shops, the inspiration gained and the new acquaintances made.
They have a loyalty program , so what better excuse than to re visit this lovely shop.
There is plenty of inspiration here , so if you can , plan a day trip , I can assure you that can while away a few hours and (dollars) .
The ladies that own the shop are very welcoming and they will even make you a cup of tea, but if you are going to make a day of it you can go back to Newport or up to Avalon and have lunch.

All the shelves are colour co-ordinated

I love Yellows and feel that every quilt should have a least a little yellow , for me it brings my work to life.

Maybe you like Reds, another of my favourite and this shop has the most amazing collection of Raspberry coloured fabric.

No matter what your preference this place can accommodate your taste.
Brights, Repo's, Yuwa's , Kaffes, Amy Butler etc etc.

Inspiration in every corner.

Until next time enjoy

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hand Picked by Mr Linen and Raspberry

Thank you all for your comments , I loved everyone of them and I guess we all just love blogging, and mostly about the friendship of like minded people and the inspiration we draw from one another. My SIL also commented that it helps to keep in touch with family and friends across the waters and see what we are up to in our day to day lives.
I also had a comment from Teala who does not have a blog but loves to blog surf. I used to do the same, but once I joined the community a whole new world opened up so I urge you Teala to come and join us, it is so much fun.
As I said I had to get Mr linen and Raspberry to do the draw as I would have drawn you all out . so without further ado the name that got pulled out was
Cathy from Cabbage Quilts.
Thanks again everyone for your interest but especially your friendship.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Time for a Give-away

As promised it is time for a give away. As you know I haven't been blogging that long (thanks to my brother who came from NZ to actually help me make that first step) I just love it now (read addicted)and fellow bloggers have been so kind helping with some tweaking issues, I thought what better way than to say thank you.
Now I can't reveal exactly what it will be but it will be a journal with a journal cover, so you can keep a record of all your inspirations and ideas.
If you would like to leave me a comment and tell me what you love about blogging.
Cut off will be this Thursday evening just before Easter. Off to Melbourne now for work, shame I won't have time to do some shopping in those wonderful patchwork shops that Melbourne is known for, maybe next time.

See you soon and have a great week

Friday, April 3, 2009

Linen and Rouge

I am sure you may have guessed by now that I am partial to using linen and also the colour red.
These items were a gift to my friend Vicki for her very special '0' birthday. I am lucky she shares my passion for for these colours.
The button box lid was a pattern from a French book that I have (books are another one of my loves, I have many fabulous books in my collection, which I will share in due course). I also made the box for the lid to attach to. I did a cartonage class at Berrima Patchwork some years back. I have to say cartonage can be a bit fiddly but satisfying .
The cushion idea was from my own head with the little label under the pear cross stitched with the word 'Poire' french for pear.(just keeping with the French theme seeing that I was using Toile. I then covered two buttons with the same Toile fabric and attached them on either side of the label. I piped the cushion and made a lovely feather and down insert for it so it would be a very comfy cushion the use. This little pinkeep is from a very old freebie Ewe I and Friends pattern. The back is covered in the same Toile with an extra pocket for needles and a small pair os scissors. Fit for a sewing friend.