Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday Class

Yesterday was our second lesson with our teacher to make this version of the sundial sampler.
I have to say that I have become truly addicted to making these blocks and our teacher has encouraged us to add some different blocks to hers and also to add some sort of our own memorabilia. The following pics are ones of the girls in the class as they have kindly allowed me to put their progress onto my blog.
This one belongs to Maureen. Maureen always makes beautiful quilts and this is going to be no exception
Maureen has already put her own stamp on this by adding the trees instead of split hearts.

This belongs to Elizabeth and Elizabeth too has put her own stamp by the scissors and the baskets

I might add that Elizabeth and I have quite similar taste in fabric so we will wait and see the end result.
this next one is the beginning of another Maureen, also becoming quite lovely.

This is the beginning of Sharon's and Sharon is going to use that beautiful Rachel Ashwell fabric in her corners.

I know that many hours of agonising and going through stash to get just that right piece of fabric.

This is the ever smiling Maureen an absolute pleasure to share a class with , getting a little advise from the teacher no doubt.

Busy busy busy

It certainly was a very productive day, I always wish it could go on for hours more.

so there you have it , I will give you an update on my blocks soon but would love to hear your thoughts so please leave me a comment.

Another Sampler Update

Yesterday was our second class of the year with the teacher doing her 2009 Sampler.

Here are some pics of other students work that they have kindley agreed to me posting.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just a Little Eye Candy

I have my next sewing class with the teacher on Saturday , I will post an update after that and hopefully the other girls in the group won't mind me showing you some of their work also.
Next week I am also going to have a giveaway so check back and see what it is.

I have been extremely busy these past couple of weeks , work wise, you know the work that pays for my habit so I don't have much to show. I don't like not posting so thought I would just add a couple of pictures .
This sampler is one I stitched from a French pattern that I had, as I have said in a previous post , I just love stitching in a single colour . The thread I used in this sampler is DMC 309 and it is stitched on a piece of overdyed linen from Birds of a Feather, it was just a piece I had in my stash. These hexagons were made by a friend of mine and this is pure eye candy to me . The possibilities are endless from most pieces of fabric. I am sure a lot of you would have these fabrics in your stash and wouldn't think of cutting them in the same combination
iykwim and yet another one

I have a love of jugs and these next 2 photos are in my collection. Collecting all over floral china a few years back was all the rage and I too got caught up in the craze. I don't display it anymore as it doesn't fit in with the decor but I do have these couple grouped in little collections I have around the place.

This is real 1930's china made by Crown Devon in England. I just love the colour , it is so clear and vibrant. It makes me feel happy especially with so much doom and gloom that is around at the moment.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Sampler

I have now completed the centre block for my 2009 major work. I have become very focused on this at present so everything else is taking a bit of a back seat. I have got some hearts ready to applique onto a background to start building out from the centre. Not sure if I really want to do hearts or have something else.
The idea of this quilt is to use all of our favourite fabrics and to incorporate all of our favourite things.
I love rabbits and pears , I love circle blocks , hexagons and clamshells so just watch this space.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

An Amazing Day

There is a small group of us that get together to do a class at Material Obsession however our tutor hasn't enjoyed the greatest of health so she is taking a short break. Very kindly one of the girls in our group invited us to her home (divine)for a day of sewing. What a day ! we had the most amazing time. We were like the naughty school girls escaping from a day of reality into another world. Laughing, chatting , chatting with such excitement that we probably talked over one another but you know how it is, we girls can hear every conversation that is going on in a room and can even enter into that conversation add a snippet and return to the original conversation we were having.
Sharon was such a great hostess and gave us the run of her home but especially her sewing room which by the way is to die for.
I just couldn't resist photographing the fabric collection. Everything beautifully organised with drawers full of Yuwa , some of them original pieces that we all wanted to covert.

And another drawer but that is only 2 of probably many.
Cupboards full

All beautifully colour co ordinated

Just look at those spots

Many wonderful quilts have been constructed here

and these are some of the results
This WIP is stunning , just needs some finishing touches

Another work of art

Everwhere we looked there were quilts, even on walls

On every bed

A version of the trundle quilt

How could you not look happy having such a fabric and quilt fix (yes we are fabric junkies)

and this is what we had to look at while having all this fun

and this

and this

I guess I should say thanks girls I had the most amazing day and also thanks to Greg for allowing all of us giggling girls into your home .

No Wonder I had a migrane driving home, Far too much excitement for one day.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bags Bags and more Bags

I think you can safely assume that I just love making bags. When I saw this wristlet pattern for sale on Katies Blog through her Etsy shop I just had to have one. It was in PDF Format so no waiting for the snail mail (hopeless when you are just itching to get started, snail mail that is).
The week that I spotted this pattern I had to go to a conference so no time for sewing before that,however I was home reasonably early on the Friday so to get the conference out of the system I got out the sewing machine and got started. I completed this the same evening and even managed to hand quilt the back panel of the wristlet.
The owner of this pattern Katie has agreed to me making some of this wristlets for a charity stall for the country hospital where we have our Humpy. These small country hospitals need all the help they can get otherwise they end up closing and it is miles to the nearest hospital, so I am going to get into the community spirit, but will acknowledge the owner of the pattern.
I think they will be a hit with the tweens of today but I will make them in different colour ways. I'll show you when they are completed.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

2009 Major Work

My major work this year is a sampler using the 1797 Sundial quilt for inspiration. It is truly divine but a huge commitment, however I am up for the challenge. The teacher drew her inspiration from the
Sundial Coverlet which is in the collection of the V & A Museum , but the teacher has put her slant on it. The teachers quilts are almost always typically english in style.
Here are the colours that will basically set the scene for my quilt, I hope to post as each part gets completed. Maybe you will join the journey with me.