Sunday, April 5, 2009

Time for a Give-away

As promised it is time for a give away. As you know I haven't been blogging that long (thanks to my brother who came from NZ to actually help me make that first step) I just love it now (read addicted)and fellow bloggers have been so kind helping with some tweaking issues, I thought what better way than to say thank you.
Now I can't reveal exactly what it will be but it will be a journal with a journal cover, so you can keep a record of all your inspirations and ideas.
If you would like to leave me a comment and tell me what you love about blogging.
Cut off will be this Thursday evening just before Easter. Off to Melbourne now for work, shame I won't have time to do some shopping in those wonderful patchwork shops that Melbourne is known for, maybe next time.

See you soon and have a great week


Ariane said...

What a great giveaway. I love following your blog. I love blogging and reading other blogs. I get inspiration from bloggers around the world and it helps me to be more confident in trying new things. Everyone encourages each other and helps each other when they stuggle with projects. It's fun. You get to meet people from across the world. I removes those boundries and brings us all closer together.

Maree said...

They are Beautiful Journal Covers Jean...The Thing I Have come to Love about Blogging is the New Found Friendship's and Communication...Moving from town to town every so many years makes it hard to make New Friends at times...I Feel I have now My Friends in is a Great way for me to Communicate with Like Minded Woman and to get the Inspiration I Need to Keep up with my Favourite Pastime...Quilting...

Vicki said...

I think the question should be - what don't I love about blogging. I have four (had a 5th but it's retired), and love them all. Keeping up with 4 of my own plus the reading list I have now of all the blogs (including yours) that I follow - is what I look forward to doing each day.
I love it like today when someone I don't know that well says they got an idea and were inspired by what I had written. Sometimes I don't think I have anyone reading them but to know you can contribute to someone elses life, and they to yours, is fabulous!

Plus - it's a great way to keep up with everyone's goings ons.

Kathie said...

these are beautiful, love the idea of a journal just for my ideas and drawings...thanks for a great giveway.
Blogging..I love the connection with other quilters and have found some wonderful friendships with other women that love the same type of quilts as I do .
I am always inspired after I read my blogs.
There are many blogs I read that don't have the same style of quilting I do but I learn from them and am inspired to keep quilting!
thanks again and I have enjoyed and subscribed thru bloglines to your blog since you started!

chook said...

ohh I would just love to be in the draw for your giveaway
now what I love about blogging is well everything
reading other peoples blogs the frindships you can make and the inspiration
mmmm I just love blogs
hugs Beth

alobsiger said...

I love "meeting" people I probably would never meet in real life because of the far-away places in which they all live. Inspiration, motivation, seeing beautiful things and enjoying a bit of a chat are all the things I love about blogging.

Janet said...

I love blogging too. I feel it is like being a part of a large and caring quilting community and I feel encouraged and inspired.
I love what you've got going on with the linen mixed with patchwork - its beautiful!

Janet said...

I'd love to be in this draw! Blogs and blogging is so motivational and inspiring. The very best is the sharing, it's like a giant show and tell. I feel so humbled by the support and friendships I get from blogging.

Rest is not idleness said...

I'd love to be in your draw also. I found your blog from Bloom, looking at the journal covers. I love blogging, being inspired by the many things I see on other blogs, blogging is the modern day equivalent of chatting across the back fence or sitting around a table having morning tea.
Blogging is also my way of showing my family what I have been up to.
take care

Janet said...

Yes it is an addition. My husband just ask me "What are you doing?" He thought quilting was time consuming enough. Sh sh sh ...what he doesn't know.... Looking forward to this giveaway.

CabbageQuilts said...

Hi Jean,
Thanks for the tip about leaving a worked!!! That's something that is fabulous about blogging, the help you get from other friendly bloggers! Your blog is just gorgeous, thanks for finding me. Cathy

Elaine said...

I love your journal covers. Simple and sweet. What I love about blogging... Inspiring and being inspired.

Teala said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure I qualify for this drawing, since I only read blogs, not actually write one. However, I love to read about and see all of the beautiful things talented women like you create!! I have your first journal cover on my desk top for inspiration because I LOVED it so much!!!

Fiesta said...

I just love those towels.
Will you be doing a tutorial?