Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I said I would let you know as soon as Brigitte had her website up and running.
Today she has launched http://www.brigittegiblin.com.au/ . I don't think that will be her permanent address , this is a start and I am sure Brigitte will put a redirection on as soon as it is available.
I have had a look at her website and the pattern for this purse is available to purchase and download for a very reasonable price.
Please drop by and say hello, tell her where you found out about her new website, she has an email link on her site.

Happy hexagon making

Sunday, June 20, 2010

All the Fun of the Fair

This past week has seen the return of the annual Sydney Quilt show.
This year there were fewer quilts on display than previous years, however there were still some lovely quilts to see.
This quilt was made by my friend Paddy during some classes we took together.

it was hand pieced and machine quilted.

this quilt was based on a English medallion style, the centre being a favourite piece of fabric Paddy picked up on her travels.

Cathy from Material Obsession had a stall there, here she is sporting her beautiful scarf from Francis Ergen Designs

as usual her stand was a feast for the eyes

loads of inspiration

and supplies for the stash a plenty

another stand that was a must stop by

Here's the very talented Anni Downs owner and designer of Hatched and Patched. This wonderful pincushion was a pattern in a recent edition of Homespun in collaboration with Sue Spargo. It really was quite lovely in real life.

I have always been a fan on needle cases and pincushions so a little kit was a must purchase

Anni has also released a new book on making bags, along with a few other little notebook covers, phone cases key covers.

of course the mandatory stash builders

It was lovely to meet up with again with Janet and
Robyn for the first time.

and Christine and her friend.

I hope you enjoy this little snippet of the fair.
See you soon
Happy sewing

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lifes Treadmill

Gosh it has been so long since I last posted I may have even by passed a season.
I seem to be on that treadmill of life. You know how it is, you get up and go to work, spend the day so engrossed in the task at hand , the hours pass so quickly it is then time to go home, get the dinner, do a few more chores, sit on the lounge to catch a little telly and maybe put a couple of stitches into some cloth, then nod off just as you start to get engrossed in a program , you come to and its time to go to bed. Next day you do it all again.
My life is taken up with a project at work ( I feel sure I have mentioned this previously) we are migrating our computer system to our parent company's box. This has posed a few problems as our parent company is German and before we start anything we have a language barrier to break through, terminology is another hurdle not to mention the distance so time zones tend to disrupt normal routine.
I was on the project for the original implementation of this computer system over 11 years ago , time has faded the memories of the amount of time and energy that goes into these projects to ensure a smooth transition with as little disruption to normal trading of our business, not to mention travel that has been involved.
Recently I travelled to our Auckland office for some training , it was Autumn and the trees were displaying the most glorious leaf colours. I thought I would share some photos of some lovely old timber homes known as 'Villas' on Auckland's north shore.

I came across these villas in Birkenhead, a lovely harbour side suburb which is home to a wonderful needlework shop 'The Embroiderer'. Unfortunately it was Sunday and it was closed but they had a lovely window display.

These villas are built from timber and quite often are perched behind a picket fence.
These days they are very sought after and often they are relocated from their original sections. (Block)
O how I would love to live in one.

My work has been keeping me well occupied, however I have managed a little stitching.
As you know I attend a class with Brigitte Giblin and as always Brigitte has something to inspire us with.
This project is very portable and great for plane travel and also indulges my passion for hexagons.

this project does not require too much fussy cutting

now before I can reveal the finished article, I can tell you some really exciting news, Brigitte is about to launch a new website, where she is going to sell her patterns, that you will be able to download immediately. None of this waiting for the postman.

so if you love this purse just as I did you will be able to purchase the pattern from Brigitte.

I so enjoyed making this purse, you can use any leftover hexagons from previous projects or you can make new ones using your favourite scraps of fabric.

It is fun to include a few fussy cut hexagons.
I think you may even be able to purchase the clasp from Brigitte. I don't think it will be too long before she has her website up and running and as soon as it happens I will post the address for you.

I know many of you are also interested in my clamshell quilt and have enquired about the technique I have used, once again this is a Brigitte pattern that will be available for purchase.
If any one reading this is interested in taking a class with Brigitte I know there are some spaces available at Material Obsession at Gladesville, just give Cathy a call.

I am still plugging away at this quilt, I took to our holiday place last weekend and threw it over this chair , I just loved the way the light of the late afternoon sun draped itself across the quilt. I don't have too many rows left to complete this quilt, I really need to get cracking and finish it so I can hand quilt it this winter.

Last weekend we had a public holiday here in the Eastern states of Australia, celebrating the 'Queens Birthday' the first couple of days the weather was very bleak and cold.

We just love walking along the beach when the weather is like this as the light for capturing images is rather interesting

none of these images have had any enhancements, this is exactly how it looked.

These photos were taken with a very simple point and shoot, one that I always carry in my handbag ready to capture the moment.

The month of May is when we hold 'Australia's Biggest Morning Tea' a fund raising event to raise money for Cancer research.
I decided to hold such a morning tea with my colleagues.
Another of my passions is cooking so out came the mixer

and the cookbooks, ( I can highly recommend both of these books)
as well as some favourite old time recipes (This apple cake has a yummy maple syrup sauce) served with it. (If you are interested in the recipe drop me a comment with your return email)

a couple of slices

using one of my favourite ingredients (Lemon)

made for a great spread

enjoyed by all and raised some much needed funds.

Wow that was quite a post, loads to catch up on.
My project has a 'Go live' date of July 1 hopefully after that my life should return to more normality and hopefully some more stitching time.
Thank you for all of your emails of concern , I really appreciate it.
Happy stitching until next time