Friday, April 24, 2009

The 'ish' works of Lady Shar

Now you are probably all wondering , what does the title to this post mean !
Let me explain. I am posting about the works of my friend Sharon today . Sharon is fondly known as Lady Shar and a Lady she is.
Sharon is a really prolific quilter and has made more quilts than I care to think about , but she always likes to change them, to put her stamp on them so to speak.
These quilts are referred to as 'ish' quilts as they have a resemblance the original quilt. It is often better to 'ish' a quilt if it means getting it finished, especially if it is only going to end up on the UFO pile. iykwim. This first quilt is the 'ish' of Buttercup. The original Buttercup had a pieced star in place of the large plain hexagon and the border was appliqued.
Sharon has soooo (read tons) many beautiful fabrics, that she likes to showcase them and what better way to do it than this. Here is a close up of some of those lovely fabrics.
and some more.

This quilt was done in a class at Killara Village Quilts, once again showcasing the fabric and using those gorgeous mauve's pinks and greens which are some of Sharon's favourite colours.

I just adore some of the fussy cutting and the simpleness of letting the gorgeous fabrics do the work.

and the beautiful bird fabric used in the border.

This is the 'ish' of Ann Daggs. Sharon is doing this in a class with the lovely Lyn Alchin.
Lyn is a lovely teacher and her work is superb. You will so want to make every quilt of hers.
They are traditional with a twist, and her colour choice is divine.

We had another great day of sewing , talking, reading , listening to Buddha Bar music and eating, really what more could a girl want.

I have just read through this post and it does seem a bit weird trying to explain this , anyway I hope you enjoy the quilts at least.
Enjoy your weekend


Karen said...

Beautiful quilts!

Maree said...

What a Lovely Porductive posts...I am a Fan Of Karen's...her work is very the fabrics in this one...Your Works are Lovely Jean...the Bird fabric is Great...

cottasofia said...

Lovely designs i like it thanks for sharing.
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