Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's Been Sometime

so I am constantly reminded.

Quite a lot of water has passed under the bridge since my last post on April 1 this year.

I think I will just post the pictures and let the pictures tell the story with a little intervention from me here and there.

First up was a trip to Melbourne to stay with my dear friend Miss Broderie.

Expert Advise

Wonderful Show and Tell

I tell you these Melbourne girls are prolific, gorgeousness everywhere you looked

a wonderful day of sharing friendships

yummy food

Next I was off to India, Mumbai to be exact. This was a business trip.
To say I was a little apprehensive is an understatment, especially as I was travelling alone .
I needn't have worried, I had the most amazing time and met the most wonderful people.
They treated me so well , I left with a very heavy heart.

There are literally hundreds of these funny little Rickshaws , very cheap form of transport

This day it was so hot and this woman was doing her labouring work in the baking sun. Can't help but love the bright coloured sari

Here I am with my team , such a happy lovely group, so proud to be a part of them.

I have to show you my x stitch drum pincushion. This was started on my flight to Mumbai via Singapore.
It is a Blackbird Designs pattern , it was a pleasure to stitch and easy , done on 30 ct linen using overdyed threads. These projects are great for plane travel.

I paid a visit to the Sydney Quilt show

and of course these days are great for catching up with friends. We look forward to our annual visit for the gorgeous Kate, who used to serve us at Material Obsession and who has now relocated to Singapore.
We miss you Kate ,Come back lol

Lastly I visited Melbourne again.
Marg was doing another weekend workshop. If we are not careful those Melbourne girls are going to claim her.
How divine is this. Jenny started this quilt on an old Marcella bedcover that belonged to her Mum. You can see at the top of the picture there is an appliqued basket. Well Jenny arrived at the workshop with a pile of Hexie rosettes that her mum had made many years ago and sought Margs help on "what to do with them" and this is what was decided. I just love it.
Jenny was thrilled with the suggestion so by Sunday morning this is what else she added
This is going to be such a wonderful 'memory' quilt.
Just in case you didn't get it 'I LOVE THIS'

Meredithe managed to finish her star, this quilt is going to be very pretty.
This gorgeous show and Tell was also made by Meredithe
This is the famous Camelot quilt , designed by Trish Harper , there is a pattern available and you can find it here
This is Candied hexagons made by Sue

Some fussy cutting on the above quilt
This is to be a cushion, love Clamshells
The Melbourne girls love to use Liberty , I say it is very 'Melbourne 'to do so :-) This was made by Carol. she originally used a different background, didn't like it so pulled it all apart and used this yellow. Well worth it I believe.
This gorgeous fussy cutting was on a star quilt made by one of the girls.

This is the corner of Lizzie's 'Not the Levens Hall' quilt. Designed by Marg Sampson George. So gorgeous

I have long been a follower on the blog of this Lady, it was so great to meet her IRL

I guess you must be exhausted by now reading all this. I know I am , no wonder the posts are few and far between.

Next up I will show you what I am working on.

Happy sewing