Thursday, April 30, 2009

WIP's or UFO's

Some time ago ,probably two years I guess, I began this quilt in a class at Quiltsmith.
It is not finished but I prefer to think of this as a 'work in progress 'rather than an 'unfinished object'.
The fact that I haven't touched it in a while doesn't constitute it being unfinished as it is still on my mind to complete it. I hand pieced the complete top except for adding the borders.
I really love hand piecing and once again I enjoy fussy cutting my pieces where possible.
I'm not sure what you think but when hand piecing you really get to enjoy the fabric rather than it just whizzing past on the sewing machine.

The teacher named this quilt 'English Autumn', but I am going to name mine 'French Spring' just because I used quite a few pieces of french fabric and I think it contains the brightness of Provence.

Now the reason it is a WIP is because the next border is appliqued. The teacher needle turned her applique and it has not been my strong point, so it has been my stumbling block.
After reading so many blogs like Janet's and Cathy's that love to needleturn they have inspired me to try my hand at it once more. I am sure I can do it if I set my mind to it, but it has to be to a certain standard and if I don't reach that I am afraid it might end up a UFO.
I have got this far, I have transferred the pattern to the background, perhaps this weekend I might have a closer look at it . I will keep you updated.

After the applique border there is another border that is all pieced, different blocks, some of which include pieced hexagon curved stars.

I love love love fussy cutting , I have to say the curved piecing was a challenge , but after a little tuition I seemed to master it.

A couple more to go

Some of the blocks are pieced stars.
A few of the blocks need to be attached to their background fabric, but that shouldn't deter me.

I have to say I feel quite inspired to get this back out now as I look through these pictures.

I think I have made so many hexagon blocks in my time but never seen to tire of them.

some more of the curved hexagon stars

Thanks for looking and I have to say how much I appreciate the comments you leave for me.
You have all made me feel so welcome in the world of blogging.
Until next time


Janet said...

wow another gorgeous wisp. The colours are so lovely. I hope you enjoy the applique part, don't let it scare you!

Anonymous said...

The quilt is just beautiful. I'm with you on the needle turn...I don't think I'm afraid of it...just know how long it's going to take and that seems to put me off. Looking forward to seeing how your applique border progresses.

Lori said...

The quilt is amazing!! I'm sure the applique will look wonderful too.

Maree said...

Lovely Quilt Jean especially the border..I Love Toile fabric...I am so into that Fussy Cutting you are doing..those blocks are Fabulous...
I Love Applique...You will be Fine.!!

Kathie said...

wonderful blocks, just beautiful. I love fussy cutting fabric too.
Oh don't be intimiated with the applique, once you have a little practice you will be great at it.
I love needle turn applique
find it very relaxing.
Looking forward to seeing your progress on the border soon.

Karen said...

Just beautiful! I agree with you about being able to enjoy the fabric more when you hand piece.

lesley said...

Beautiful hexagons. I.t is good to get out a project that has not been completed you see it in a different light. Are there plastic
templates for the curved hexagon and if not was there an associated book perhaps. Lesley

Lynn said...

Your blog is my favorite!! I love your color choices and the diffrent ways you fussy cut and piece. My morning inspiration. thank you.

Janet said...

I can now see why I'm fascinated with hexagons (almost as much as curves). Now you have given me a new challenge combining curves with hexagons. Your quilts are beautiful. Not only is the workmanship impeccable but its your choice of colors and fabrics that make them zing.

CabbageQuilts said...

What a beautiful Quilt Jean. I love the colours you have used, particularly the aqua and raspberry. That applique border will really set it off. I hope you really enjoy doing the applique, it can become addictive.

Library Gal Quilts said...

Got to your blog from the Sewn giveaway...somewhere down the bloggy line! This is a beautiful quilt, a sure heirloom! Those fabrics are incredible and you put them together in a magical way!

Minka's Studio said...

This is so beautiful!