Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sew and Tell, Sew and Tell, Sew and Tell

Yesterday was the first day back to class with Marg Sampson-George at Material Obsession.
Everyone seemed to be very pleased to be back and were very quickly focused on the projects at hand.

Barb began the show and tell with her lovely quilt. Barb began this quilt some years back in a former class with Marg . Marg encourages her students to bring in their 'antique' UFO's and helps bring them back to life with the addition of some more of the modern day fabrics.

Barb must have worked extremely diligently over her Christmas break as she completed all of the broderie persed birds, and the hexagon rosettes, appliqued onto the border and the borders sewn onto the centre.


I have been adding to my sheet, should  have been finished months ago had I remained focused but so many other things to attempt , time is running out  :-).

It is a true sampler with lots of different shapes, applique and piecing. It seems anything goes.

I am also adding a cross stitch sampler, surrounded by hexagons, this has not been sewn down yet, just a picture to give you a bit of an idea , along with the petals coming out of the basket, just a little fabric auditioning going on here.

Looking at the photo it looks quite sparse between the shapes and really it isn't as sparse irl.

Once I feel that the centre has enough shapes it will be time to add a border of triangles and circles before the next border of baskets and trees.

I have had loads of mail and comments asking me where I get my templates from for making my hexagons.
Kathy at Material Obsession now has the most amazing collection of templates for all sorts of shapes and blocks but this little pack just had to make its way home with me just so I could show you. If any of you want them please call or email Kathy and she will get them to you pronto  I am sure.
I have to say that the larger templates have a 3/8 seam allowance which I love. Snowball or Octogan shapes are also available along with Triangles , Diamonds and Squares, you name it.
Wouldn't you just know it, this photo will not load the right way up, but I am sure you get the general idea.

While I am on the subject of keeping you up to date with the goings on Quilty related, Brigitte Giblin is publishing a book, I haven't seen it yet Brigitte will be launching her book at the needle work show in Nantes, France in April but it will be a must have for the library I am sure. As you know I have taken classes with Brigitte and my hexagon sewing purse is a Brigitte pattern, Brigitte is a wonderful teacher , very generous with her knowledge and has a very quirky slant to her quilts. If you are keen to get your hands on a copy I think kathy is taking forward orders for Brigittes book.

You can follow Brigiite on Facebook

That's enough from me today

Happy Sewing