Friday, November 28, 2008

Long Lasting Affare

I think reading my previous posts you will have got just how much I loved this event and especially Skye's Cafe.
I returned to this event again on the Sunday , this time with Darling Husband hoping that we may be able to dine at this amazing Cafe. You can imagine how disappointed I was to read this sign.

anyway I thought I would just add to my collection of photo's .

a Slightly different arrangement at the entrance on the Sunday

I thought all the the random displays were amazing

how inviting do these apples look, and the displays were still left intact by Sunday

How could you not want to buy from this stall ?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Skye's Cafe

I wish this cafe was always here, I would want to dine in it every day, not for the food, although that looked great, but just for the pure ambience , I just kept coming back to it , I would go and visit another marquee but then back to Skye's cafe.

Just little arrangements scattered about the room

Today I could sit at this table

Tomorrow at this table

and then at this table

and these waiters being briefed could look after my table

and the wait staff could get my champagne bucket from this shelf

Friday, November 21, 2008

Good Food Affare

Would you like to dine at this Table ?

and choose from this menu !

Today was the inaugral 'Good Food Affare' held at Castle Hill Showground and I was lucky enough to be able to visit, as the company I work for played a small part .

I had read so much about this event for many months prior , the advertising was fantastic and it promised to be a very upmarket event. I was not disappointed. It was fantastic.
I will post more pics tomorrow but just thought I would show you a snippet.
I guess one of the main attractions was 'Skye's Cafe' . Skye being Skye Gyngell from the famous 'Petersham Nursery Cafe' in Surrey in the UK.
Skye's Cafe was replicated and it was just amazing, even down to the bark on the floor as I believe the floor in her cafe is the same.
I was lucky enough to watch a cooking demonstration that she gave , Poached Cherries topped with Chocolate sauce.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Addicted to Hexagons

I like many other patchworkers have become addicted to hexagons, it is such fun to fussy cut fabric and see what groovy designs one can come up with.
I started this quilt many moons ago but have just recently completed the top and had some help from a friend to baste it , on the condition that I showed it in the 'work in progess' section of a quilt show in Port Stephens this year.
I have begun quilting it but as our summer looms I don't think I will make much progress until next winter.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


One of my fondest pastimes is cross stitching and especially Samplers.Over the years I have stitched many many samplers but just recently I have fallen in love with stitching in just one colour. If I am using DMC I use 309 as I think it looks spectacular stitched on the natural linen. To me it looks like Raspberry and so the name of my blog Linen and Raspberry was born. This particular sampler was stitched in dedication and memory of my dear Mum who passed away in October 2001 , she had me recite my times table each morning before primary school. How could I ever forget them and trust me it is many years since I left primary school. This pattern is from Carriage House Samplings and I have changed it slightly but it was lovely to stitch and remember the happy times of my childhood.