Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Quick Show and Tell

I am a real fan of Blackbird Designs and follow Alma's blog with some regularity.
Alma recently posted a tutorial on using fabric to cover paper mache boxes.
I couldn't help myself I had to whip one up, I thought I would share with you the outcome.
It took no time at all , in case you are wondering, no ,I didn't cut up one of my samplers, I simply photocopied it as per Alma's instruction
Go check out Alma's blog and see for yourself, the instructions are easy to follow. I am sure there will be a few made for your stitching friends.

see you soon
in the meantime
happy fabric box making

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sometimes !

Yes that is right, just sometimes life gets in the way of our normal day to day activities.
I guess that is my excuse for being away for so long.
Firstly I must say thank you to those of you that emailed to check if I was O.K., it really meant so much . I must say that the blogging community is such a caring one. I did reply to all of the emails, however I have also been made aware that some of my emails didn't find their way to everyone, so if you emailed me, and didn't get a reply please accept my apologies. I have no idea how I can rectify that problem, who does one get in touch with?, is there anyone behind a phone at Gmail !! I doubt it.
Do you remember, I began making a version of the Sundial Quilt ?, I put it down for quite sometime, well I have picked it up again and here are a couple of the 4 inch blocks that I need to complete the centre.

I must say it is quite a challenge making these blocks, sewing really small pieces, especially after handling bigger pieces on my Orange peel quilt.Something else I have started , making some coathangers for gifts for Christmas. (Do you realise it is only about 8 weeks to go) I need to make quite a few. The pattern I am using is from Marg Low designs. When I contacted Marg to purchase the pattern I explained to her I need to make approx 20 and did she think it was achievable , she laughed and said I probably would need to revise the quantity. However I am up for the challenge and have really enjoyed making them so far.
I have started a production line of sorts , cutting out the bodies, the strips for the frill, the collars etc etc. so far I have needle turned the collars and some have the ric rac on the collars. Needle turning the collars on, keep me company on my journey to work at the traffic lights. I pop in a couple of stitches whilst I am waiting for the lights to change colour, some mornings, I can get a whole collar appliqued. Those that know me, know I like my stitching to keep me company on my journey to work, which take me through approx 17 sets of traffic lights and at some lights I have quite a wait.
anyway these photo's are really for Marg to show her I have made a start. I will keep you posted on the progress .
I just love playing with the fabric combo's and love this basic grey range.
Since I last posted another year in my life clicked over. One of my Birthday presents was an invitation to a literary luncheon held at Star City here in Sydney. The guest speaker was Stephanie Alexander.
Stephanie is an amazing cook and has produced many cookbooks over the years . One of her many very famous books is the 'Cooks Companion'. She has now written a companion to that book .
known as the 'kitchen Garden Companion' a really lovely book all about growing one's own produce and cooking it. The book has a really lovely cover, it is cloth , almost like a teatowel. The contents are a feast for the eye , so many beautiful recipes to be made from lovely fresh produce.
Stephanie has been heavily involved with encouraging children to grow their own produce and cook it, she has set up a not for profit organisation within schools here in Australia known as the Kitchen Garden Foundation. It was certainly a very interesting and informative talk.
My sister addressed the event and introduced MC, Joanna Savill , The director of the Sydney Food Festival who in turn introduced Stephanie to the room. There were alot of people in attendance , mainly women , having said that , a Gent was present at out table and there were a few accompanying their ladies.
The menu was chosen from Stephanie's book and cooked by the chef's at Star City Ballroom.
I was lucky enough to sit at the same table as the guest of honour , and took the opportunity to ask many questions.
The first course got woofed down so quickly that it slipped my mind to photograph it, however I couldn't let the desert go by without a photo and yes it was very yummy. I certainly needed the brisk walk back to the light rail , then the walk up the hill to my car.
There have been a series of these books arrive on the book shelves lately, this one particularly took my eye , I love this cover , I thought it looked very inviting.
I have been a fan of cross stitch samplers for more years than I care to remember
There is also a section on patchwork
I am so drawn on anything to do with old samplers
and I just love these old quilts, the naive shapes shown on this wedding coverlet will feature sometime in the future I am sure on one of my quilts.
This crib quilt is just adorable and was made after the maker (Nancy Horsfall) made her Wedding Coverlet. There are a few instructions on how to make some of the shapes but no actual patterns. A lovely book for the collection however.
It is spring here in the Southern Hemisphere and very welcome I might add. I am a lover of roses and this year I didn't get to prune our roses (Iceberg) until quite late, so they are only about to bloom, the bushes are absolutely loaded with buds , I am anticipating quite a show.
We have had so much lovely rain this year that the garden has really grown.
Working full time doesn't always allow the amount of time I would love to spend in the garden, having said that rewards are great for a small investment in time spent.

and lastly I thought I would share this photo of a very well clipped hedge that has been created by Mr L & R . It hides an ugly timber wall.
It has been lovely to return after such an absence , hopefully I will return sooner next time.

Thank you again and until next time happy sewing.