Friday, April 10, 2009

Hand Picked by Mr Linen and Raspberry

Thank you all for your comments , I loved everyone of them and I guess we all just love blogging, and mostly about the friendship of like minded people and the inspiration we draw from one another. My SIL also commented that it helps to keep in touch with family and friends across the waters and see what we are up to in our day to day lives.
I also had a comment from Teala who does not have a blog but loves to blog surf. I used to do the same, but once I joined the community a whole new world opened up so I urge you Teala to come and join us, it is so much fun.
As I said I had to get Mr linen and Raspberry to do the draw as I would have drawn you all out . so without further ado the name that got pulled out was
Cathy from Cabbage Quilts.
Thanks again everyone for your interest but especially your friendship.


CabbageQuilts said...

Wow, I can't believe I have won...thank you Mr Linen and Raspberry for picking my name out of the basket! I love the work you do Jean and will be very proud to own something you have made. I agree with you about joining the blogging community, it truly is a wonderful experience.
Thanks again,

lesley said...

thank you for the great pictures. Lesley

C. C. said...


Nice to meet you!

You have a very complicated quilt going there! Very nice hand work on your pin keep!

Have a nice day!

C. C.