Friday, June 5, 2009

On My Desk This Weekend

Its a long weekend here in the Eastern States of Australia, we are celebrating 'The Queens Birthday'
I am hoping to be able to get a bit of sewing done.
I like to be organised when I sew and my sewing room of late has been nothing short of chaos. I have been sorting and trying to put some order to my fabric.
I have also found some U.F.O.'s , surprise surprise.

This is something I started some years ago and thought it could be the centre for a quilt.
I still quite like it and even though the circles around the centre are not quite as circular as I would now be happy with , I can easily rectify them. Hmm food for thought, I might add some applique to the corners and then complete it medallion style.
I have also been sorting my fabric , Mr L&R came up with the idea that the low flat storage boxes would be better than the deep plastic storage boxes I have bean using. You know how it is, the piece that you want is always right at the bottom and as you pull everything apart to find it , you have created another mess. This really works a treat , you end up with just one layer and its all there before your eyes.

You are aware of your entire stash and looking at this maybe I need a top up of the Mauve's and Purples. ?

I also came across this, a quilt I began with Bridget Giblin Last year at MO. Bridget is a great teacher, she always encourages one to throw in the unexpected. When I went along to this class I knew I wanted to make the Pickle Dish, the reason being I just wanted to do some piecing as opposed to the applique that I had been doing, however this was not the colour scheme that was in my head. I guess it just evolved this way and it is a little bit out of left field for me.
I need to applique these blocks onto the background and then some pieced borders. I'll keep you posted.

I did manage to use some of my favourite french fabric.

Yellow is also a favourite colour of mine so I have placed the yellow blocks in the centre.

Whoops here is another pic on its side, I have no idea why this happens , don't suppose it matters.
I did fussy cut the little 'pickles' mixing the Solieado print with a Kaffe.

Enjoy your weekend
Until next time
Happy Sewing


Janet said...

I'm keeping in mind that tip about storing the fabric. I've run out of places to hide, oops I mean store it. I absolutely love the quilt in progress, I'm a big yellow fan!

Maree said...

It's Great to see others coming up with different storage for your range by the way...and also love your Pickledish...Great Block looks tricky..says she who has not even attempted this without a teacher by my forward to the finish...
cheers for a good weekend..

CabbageQuilts said...

Oh what gorgeous UFO's!I love that pickledish, have always wanted to make one, but never have. You have plenty of beautiful things to keep you busy for the long weekend. Those storage boxes are a fabulous idea xo

Janet said...

I love the pickle dish pattern - I think these blocks look great!

Janet said...

Yellow is my favorite color too. I love this pattern and your choice of fabrics. You say its a bit far out from your comfort but its fabulous!

PatchworkRose said...

I just love these colours. They are stunning all together. I tnink all that fussy cutting is so effective. Would have sent me crazy though :-)
BTW I do not hide my fabric. It is stacked all around me like a big cuddle and yes the stacks periodically fall over!

Karen said...

Love the Pickle dish pattern. Wonderful fabric.

ranette said...

Why have I just now found your blog?!?! I love your sense of color and all of the quilts are beautiful!

The pickle dish is just wonderful.

Kathie said...

I love yellow too and just love this quilt
My MO book 2 arrived on thursday and I have in awe of all those quilts
I just love their color sense and am so inspired by their quilts
Love what your doing with this quilt its beautiful.

Kim said...

Fabulous! LOVE the pickle dish blocks!!