Sunday, June 14, 2009

How Lucky was I

As you will have read from my previous post, the Sydney Quilt show has been on in Darling Harbour.
Maree had put out a tentative meeting for some bloggers to gather and perhaps have a coffee or a meal. Unfortunately Maree's plans fell through and she couldn't join us (there's always next year Maree)but Janet and I decided that we would still meet.
I felt really privileged to meet the very talented Janet and her DH. We began the evening with a pre dinner drink and then headed to have a meal at Jordan's in Darling Harbour. Jordan's is well positioned and was a short stroll from our original meeting place. I am only sorry now that I didn't take some photos of the city lights. Sydney is so radiant at night with all the lights.
I did manage to take some pics of our meal though as I thought the presentation was amazing.
Three of us had fish of some kind and one had a steak. We all agreed that it tasted as good as it looked, and we washed it down with a great bottle of wine.
During our meal Janet presented me with a present, I was truly surprised and ever so thrilled.
Janet had made me a zippered pouch , in my favourite colours, can you guess, raspberry red of course. On the zip thingy that you use to pull the zip open and close Janet attached a tassel with the prettiest bead on it.
I know Janet put a lot of thought into it and I feel really lucky. Thank you so much Janet.
I have to say the blogging community is very special.


broderie said...

all looks pretty yummy to me!!! glad you had a lovely time together.

Vicki said...

Yum - did Mr Linen and Raspberry go too?
Lovely pouch - adore the colours

CabbageQuilts said...

You are VERY lucky...I would love to meet Janet, and you, and Maree xoxo

Lori said...

Great photos of the quilt show. I found your blog through Janet. You do lovely work! I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Robyn said...

Hi Jean... I've just been reading over at Janet's blog...
I was hoping to meet up with Maree also, but when my original plans changed, I met up with a new blogger friend also...first time we'd met!
We ahd the best day!!
Isn't it wonderful?!!
I too have eaten at Jordans and would go back anytime for the view and the great food!
Sounds like you had the best time.

Maree said...

So Glad to see you Both met up...sorry I had changed my plans but maybe next year...The Food looked Great.!!

Anonymous said...

How come you haven't blogged for the weekend just gone. This is the only way I see you. And if DH means darling husband, then this is your DS.

Britt said...

Hi I just found your blog and have scrolled back through your pages. I adore the fussy-cut work you are doing. Everything is so lovely!