Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Week That Was

Well what can I say about this week. This week has had its disappointments,at times it has been emotional, frustrating, I have been outside my comfort zone, I have been self reflecting , soul searching, happy. Most of all ,I guess I can say I have made it through the other side. I have realised that I have the most amazingly wonderful friends and loving family , that is the most important lesson one can learn. Enough of that now and on with some show and tell.
At our class last week even though we didn't have a teacher we had a little show and tell before we all went on our way to do other things. These are some of the blocks that form part of the second round of my sampler quilt. These blocks allow us to really showcase the lovely fabrics that are in our stash.
I especially loved constructing this block. The pieces are quite tiny , but I rather like the colour combination.

A chance to combine piecing and applique.

The pic below is Sharon's centre and the blocks that surround it. I so love the fabric she is fussy cutting to make her Lucy Boston block.

The other lovely thing about this quilt, is using pieces of fabric that have some real meaning, in this instance Sharon has used some fabric from her Grandmother's nighties, Sharon used it in the four patch of the block in the bottom left hand corner of the picture below, it is that gorgeous pink tulipy one next to the blue piece.

The pic below is the beginning of Paddy's quilt. Paddy has done amazingly well considering she has missed a class and has also finished a quilt that I have shown below . Paddy and I share a love of those lovely strong coloured Dutch fabrics.

Here is the quilt I was referring to. Paddy has hand pieced this and showcased a lovely Dutch Chintz in the centre.

I especially love the fussy cutting in some of the blocks

This quilt has been made by Maureen for a friend of hers that she went to school with. Maureen is just a lovely lady who sits so quietly in class but believe me she is the quiet achiever of the group. From time to time she just arrives with little surprises to show us, it is one of the nice things about be part of a group is the sharing and caring, don't you think.

Well that was the week that was.
Until next time
Happy Sewing


Sheila said...

Sorry to hear it has been a difficult week.....thankfully quilting is great therapy. :)

Vicki said...

Hope you are feeling better now, looking back... lovely quilts. What do you guys do with them all? Or is that a silly question? lol

jean said...

We just pile them up , when the need arises we sleep under them, put them over our lap when its chilly, just plain admire them and the one who dies with the biggest pile wins lol

Janet said...

These pics pick me right up. Lucky to have such a inspirational and supportive group. I love the combination of applique, fussy cuts, and piecing. I missed you when you didn't post.

Maree said...

Sorry that you have had a week of Mixed Feelings...Tomorrow is another Day & a New Week...Hope you are Feeling Better...Thanks for Sharing all the Lovely Quilts from your Class...I am so Interested in the Fussy Cutting..yet to do that..just put it on my "List".lol...Gorgeous work you are doing...

Anonymous said...

hello from hobart, from me this time jean, i am down house sitting for a friend of mine. i wish you could share the view that i have of beautiful calming water and surrounding blue hills and lovely sunshine. it would be calming to the soul and make you feel better! and guess what i am doing, alot of patchwork and stitching, not my usual role when i am down this way. hope things get better for you.

Janet said...

It's a new week now! I've just posted about the same quilt top my friend is making that you've showm us. Yours is looking so gorgeous! Thanks for showing the other quilts as well.

Karen said...

I have come across your blog while searching for Karen Cunningham quilt patterns. I have not found a site to buy her patterns. Enjoyed the show on your blog.

PatchworkRose said...

Jean I just love your Quilts and the way you have placed those little birds. Your cutting placement and your style of quilts are just lovely. Your fussy cuttings create the most lovely designs. I have just have to keep checking back. Keep creating

Kathie said...

I just love this quilt your making , it is just sooooo beautiful.
really enjoy your blog thank goodness for new weeks!
and new mornings!