Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday Class

Yesterday was our second lesson with our teacher to make this version of the sundial sampler.
I have to say that I have become truly addicted to making these blocks and our teacher has encouraged us to add some different blocks to hers and also to add some sort of our own memorabilia. The following pics are ones of the girls in the class as they have kindly allowed me to put their progress onto my blog.
This one belongs to Maureen. Maureen always makes beautiful quilts and this is going to be no exception
Maureen has already put her own stamp on this by adding the trees instead of split hearts.

This belongs to Elizabeth and Elizabeth too has put her own stamp by the scissors and the baskets

I might add that Elizabeth and I have quite similar taste in fabric so we will wait and see the end result.
this next one is the beginning of another Maureen, also becoming quite lovely.

This is the beginning of Sharon's and Sharon is going to use that beautiful Rachel Ashwell fabric in her corners.

I know that many hours of agonising and going through stash to get just that right piece of fabric.

This is the ever smiling Maureen an absolute pleasure to share a class with , getting a little advise from the teacher no doubt.

Busy busy busy

It certainly was a very productive day, I always wish it could go on for hours more.

so there you have it , I will give you an update on my blocks soon but would love to hear your thoughts so please leave me a comment.


Maree said...

What a Lovely Quilt...Love your centre it's Gorgeous...

Kathie said...

What a beautiful quilt
Loved seeing the other students work as well.
looking forward to seeing your progress on this quilt

Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog thanks to Janet, all your work is wonderful, especially this sampler, a real beauty !!

Fiesta said...

Those center blocks are lovely. It will be a beautiful quilt.

ranette said...

Oh my goodness...just beautiful and the workmanship is wonderful.
Very impressive! Another quilt on my to do wish list...

Sacha said...

This beautiful quilt is the work of creation and the choice of colors are impressive delicacy and beauty! I won all your blog is beautiful: congratulations

Karen said...


Laurence said...

Very beautiful quilt

Janet said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. Your work is beautiful. I love your grandmother's garden. It has a unique layout of repeating patterns and colors. I haven't been blogging long and I'm so fascinated to meet fellow quilters all over. Come meet me.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Oh my goodness!! I loooooove this quilt!! Which one was yours again? I must have a look!!