Saturday, March 7, 2009

An Amazing Day

There is a small group of us that get together to do a class at Material Obsession however our tutor hasn't enjoyed the greatest of health so she is taking a short break. Very kindly one of the girls in our group invited us to her home (divine)for a day of sewing. What a day ! we had the most amazing time. We were like the naughty school girls escaping from a day of reality into another world. Laughing, chatting , chatting with such excitement that we probably talked over one another but you know how it is, we girls can hear every conversation that is going on in a room and can even enter into that conversation add a snippet and return to the original conversation we were having.
Sharon was such a great hostess and gave us the run of her home but especially her sewing room which by the way is to die for.
I just couldn't resist photographing the fabric collection. Everything beautifully organised with drawers full of Yuwa , some of them original pieces that we all wanted to covert.

And another drawer but that is only 2 of probably many.
Cupboards full

All beautifully colour co ordinated

Just look at those spots

Many wonderful quilts have been constructed here

and these are some of the results
This WIP is stunning , just needs some finishing touches

Another work of art

Everwhere we looked there were quilts, even on walls

On every bed

A version of the trundle quilt

How could you not look happy having such a fabric and quilt fix (yes we are fabric junkies)

and this is what we had to look at while having all this fun

and this

and this

I guess I should say thanks girls I had the most amazing day and also thanks to Greg for allowing all of us giggling girls into your home .

No Wonder I had a migrane driving home, Far too much excitement for one day.

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Christine said...

Thanks for showing your friends lovely quilts ... all fabulous.