Saturday, November 22, 2008

Skye's Cafe

I wish this cafe was always here, I would want to dine in it every day, not for the food, although that looked great, but just for the pure ambience , I just kept coming back to it , I would go and visit another marquee but then back to Skye's cafe.

Just little arrangements scattered about the room

Today I could sit at this table

Tomorrow at this table

and then at this table

and these waiters being briefed could look after my table

and the wait staff could get my champagne bucket from this shelf


Cathy Louise said...

These photos are gorgeous!!!! There are so many things from that restaurant that I want for my house!!!! You lucky girl for being there in person....Take care Cathy

Anne Tan said...

This place is unique! Hope to go there one day.. :)

-Anne Tan-

Vicki said...

Gorgeous. Could you actually eat there or was it just pretend?

I saw some gorgeous ceramic glasses and plates at Matakana - all different sizes and shapes (and not even) and different pastels - I might get some once the house is finished. So cool.