Friday, November 21, 2008

Good Food Affare

Would you like to dine at this Table ?

and choose from this menu !

Today was the inaugral 'Good Food Affare' held at Castle Hill Showground and I was lucky enough to be able to visit, as the company I work for played a small part .

I had read so much about this event for many months prior , the advertising was fantastic and it promised to be a very upmarket event. I was not disappointed. It was fantastic.
I will post more pics tomorrow but just thought I would show you a snippet.
I guess one of the main attractions was 'Skye's Cafe' . Skye being Skye Gyngell from the famous 'Petersham Nursery Cafe' in Surrey in the UK.
Skye's Cafe was replicated and it was just amazing, even down to the bark on the floor as I believe the floor in her cafe is the same.
I was lucky enough to watch a cooking demonstration that she gave , Poached Cherries topped with Chocolate sauce.

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