Wednesday, November 19, 2008


One of my fondest pastimes is cross stitching and especially Samplers.Over the years I have stitched many many samplers but just recently I have fallen in love with stitching in just one colour. If I am using DMC I use 309 as I think it looks spectacular stitched on the natural linen. To me it looks like Raspberry and so the name of my blog Linen and Raspberry was born. This particular sampler was stitched in dedication and memory of my dear Mum who passed away in October 2001 , she had me recite my times table each morning before primary school. How could I ever forget them and trust me it is many years since I left primary school. This pattern is from Carriage House Samplings and I have changed it slightly but it was lovely to stitch and remember the happy times of my childhood.

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Cathy Louise said...

Hi Jean
Welcome to blog land...You will have the best time I am sure...Love your banner, very, very nice....Take care C xxxx