Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bag Fun

I have been having some fun lately sewing a bag. I really love all the bright clear fabrics that are around at the moment. I can't really see a quilt made from them fitting into my current decor but I can't resist purchasing these fabrics , so what to do.
I came up with the idea to make a bag. I hand quilted the front of the bag in a cross hatch pattern using the perle thread which is quite in vogue these days.
On the back I decided to just quilt around a few of the paisley shapes just to hold the layers together and also give it some dimension.

I decided that I would pipe the handles using a tutorial that I found on this blog http://bloomandblossom.blogspot.com/. The tutorial was very well explained so they were easily constructed.
So continuing on with the piping theme I thought I would pipe around the top edge to give the bag some balance.
I really loved making this bag and especially as it was being made for someone special . I hope she likes it .


glenyse said...


Please please please make me one

Vicki said...

Ha - only just saw this...!!! I love it - I have been using everyday since I got it in the mail!!!
thanks so much

jean said...

Hey Vic
I am pleased that you like it and when you are sick of it or it wears out we can make another one. I don't need too many excuses