Monday, April 9, 2012

'Bout Time For A Catchup

Its been quite some time since I last posted, I have just been through my photos to post and I have quite a few so maybe crab a cuppa or even better a glass of medicine !!!

I am still working on the 'sheet' , it is taking quite some time to fill up the centre but I have really enjoyed adding shapes and playing with favourite (of the moment) fabrics and even little cross stitches.
I have left the centre for the moment, I have added the next border which is triangles and some appliqued circles. I will need to come back to the centre obviously as I need some sort of flower or fruit arrangement in that basket. Maybe even a bird or two.
Think I may need to add some eyes to that Mary Jane Hannaford angel under the hexagon star.
Just a little close up of the inner border , out from that is a wider border using some of the old sheet and appliquing some whirligig type circles , trees and baskets.

As you can see there is still a way to go but I am starting to feel quite comfortable using the needleturn applique method.
This forms the basis for the top and bottom border , the side borders are different.
There is still another border after this so it is important that I remain focused. After all I did have a little break and made the 'B' quilt. That top is now completed and ready for hand quilting. I will show that in the next post.

Do you want to keep going? I have some photos from the girls in our class and what they are up to

First up is Lesley, Lesley is making her version of the Sundial quilt, keeping it reasonably traditional just adding a slight nautical theme as sailing is what Lesley and her husband enjoy doing.

She is also adding a little Australiana to it.

Aren't the fabrics Lesley has used lovely.
Blogger does not want to behave, I am trying to line up 3 pics in a row and it does not want to play ball :-(
The hexagon madness continues, a couple of the girls are doing Marg's 'Come Fly with Me' bird quilt so they are making their hexagon stars

Vanessa has been very quick to finish her first complete star

Sharon has quite a selection ready, now she needs to select a fabric for the outer hexagons, not sure what she will choose

Next up is an oldie that Barb has bought out of the cupboard, Marg encourages us all to bring our relics to class , better to be brought out and given a modern update
Just realised this has uploaded on its side, however Barb is going to applique this hexagon centre onto this lovely bright spot, she is also going to add a small check border with lovely bright diamonds and squares. One of the lovely things we do in class is share our scraps allowing us a little piece of our shared friendships in our quilts.


Now onto something not quilt related.

I thought I would do a few book reviews.
Just recently I was lucky enough to attend a book launch for a very special Australian cook.
Her name is Maggie Beer, Maggie is a real hero of mine. I have many of her books . Maggie featured in a TV show here in Australia Called 'The Cook and the Chef ' Maggie's new book is using her beloved Verjuice. Many of her recipes have called for this ingredient, I have often wondered about this but after using it I am now a convert.

I urge all lovers of Maggie Beer that this is a book worth purchasing, there is not one recipe in this book not worth trying.
I was so lucky to join Maggie at her table for lunch, the meal we enjoyed were recipes from this book.  I felt so honoured to be in her company and she is as lovely in real life as she comes across in her TV shows.

The venue for the book launch was 'The Four Seasons' hotel in Sydney , the flower arrangements around the hotel were spectacular , and that lady you can see on the lectern is my sister, she introduced Maggie, hence my special invitation.

Next book is another recipe book
This book is amazing especially if you like making desserts
Step by step instructions

Great quotes

Delectable recipes
This is a must have in my humble opinion

Next up is
I have posted a picture of this book around Christmas, it is now available in Dymocks as are all of the previously mentioned books.

This book is a mixture of recipes, interior decorating and lifestyle
A really worthy coffee table book

If you have made it through this post you have done well, it has taken me ages, I am not liking blogger very much this evening, maybe I should look at Typepad or better still maybe shorter posts more often :-)

It has been great to catch up again, I hope you have enjoyed catching up as much as I have.

 Until next time enjoy your sewing



Nedra said...

So many wonderful things to look at today! Thank you for sharing, even though blogger gave you a difficult time. You Australians really know how to applique. Your quilt is stunning already!

Bertie said...

Oh such wonderful artworks, gorgeous!!
Love your cookery quotes LOL.
How nice being able to taste all that food out of the book, must have been mouthwatering:))

Ann-Mari said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work, so much inspirations.

Cardygirl said...

Lovely to see what you have been up to!

Miriam said...

Looove your current project!! It is going to be a stunning quilt!
Thank you for sharing all the wonderful works in progress. I love seeing all the different fabrics everyone is using. Gorgeous fussy cutting!
Thank you for the book reviews. As a self confessed sweet tooth, Philippa Sibley's new book has gone straight on my shopping list! Lol

Anonymous said...

Oh gorgeous !

Sue-Anne said...

I love it when you do a post, so many inspriational photos for me to drool over! Your "Sheet" quilt is looking amazing and I am pleased you are enjoying the needleturn applique, it looks pretty perfect to me. Love all the other girls' work too. Kate's Jane Pizar quilt is stunning!

Michelle @ the quilted tortoise said...

So much goodness in this post! Everything evokes a sigh from its gorgeousness or a mmm from its deliciousness! I especially love your wonderf sheet!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jean, no, not shorter posts, we have to have many highlights in our day this post was definitely one, thank you, lovely work, great looking books, you have given me ideas for a special birthday coming up for my granddaughter.
Thanks, Lyn

Sharyn said...

Oh Jean, wow, I drool over all those little hexagons, but am not tempted - yet, and will resist! The rest of the show and tell, of course is just as gorgeous! Keep it coming.

Elaine said...

love your 'sheet' project, I am enjoying following your progress.

No said...

Jean, a great eye candy post lots of inspiration. Maggie Beer what else is there to say - yum.

Karoline said...

Gorgeous quilts, the 'sheet' is looking lovely

Teresa said...

I love your "sheet" very cool and fresh!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Kathie said...

just beautiful
I always love your posts, I become so inspired by the time I get to the second picture.
your fabric choices are always soooo fun and getting to see more pictures of Kates quilt, how I would love to make that quilt too.
The crown on your quilt is such a great touch btw!
I am really enjoying seeing the progress you make on this quilt with each post....what an incredible collection of fabrics makes me want to go fabric shopping!

Gisele said...

Loving the progress on your 'sheet' and your fabric choices in colour & pattern are always so inspiring Jean. I always enjoy your posts and seeing what you all get up to on the other side of the world. Take care x