Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Very Quick Check In

To wish you all a very Happy, Healthy,Creative 2012
I have been on holiday since 23rd December and I am still on holiday until mid next week, it is going to be very hard to get dressed in office attire after nearly a month of very casual summer dressing.

I have managed to fit in a little stitching time but just enough to feed the addiction for paper piecing.

This time it is octagons not hexagons. I am going to use these for a border on a quilt that isn't even made yet, I cannot sit with idle hands, these little beauties don't take much brain power. Just lovely to use scraps of favourite pieces of fabric.

Just prior to Christmas I had a trip to Melbourne to visit the divine Miss Lizzie and Co. It was a really wonderful time catching up with the Melbourne girls. I did come home with a new project though, as if I need another one. Those of you that read Lizzie's blog will have seen her blooms quilt. It is even better in real life so onto the quilt bucket list it went. The blocks are really large and showcase some gorgeous fabrics, it is hand pieced and yes I know some of you will look at it and think 'Machine Piecing' but I am not a fan of machine piecing and sometimes it is just nice to sit and sew and not have to think too hard , this is one of those quilts.
I call this my 'B' quilt, Blooms, Bees and Butterfly
I have managed to get 6 rows together and it is only 11 rows by 11 blocks although I may add another couple of rows depending on how it fits on the bed.
I will sandwich it with quiltlite, it will be one of those quilts to snuggle under when I have a little afternoon nap. Nothing too heavy.

I am still working on my basket quilt and my sheet with the appliqued shapes, I will show you those next time.

 I was very spoilt at Christmas, this little pile of books will keep me busy for some hours, so maybe not too much sewing will get done.

I had a very busy end to 2011 , in October I celebrated 25 years service for the company I work for, it was lovely to arrive at work on the anniversary to find my office totally decorated with balloons and streamers
I was treated to a wonderful morning tea and received some beautiful flowers and a very generous contribution to a new computer.

Many of you that read my blog will know that I have done a lot of travelling in my job, this has been to train a lot of the staff member to use SAP. SAP is the software system our company uses now worldwide. I have used this system since 1999 when our company here in Australia and New Zealand needed to update in order to be compliant for the year 2000, remember  we were going to self destruct lol. In 2010 I was part of the project team that implemented the upgrade to our German parent company platform. I had previously completed a 'Train the Trainer course at AIM but felt if I wanted to take this any further I needed to be more qualified so last year I sat my Cert 4 in Training and assessment, I got my results in December and passed so now I can train people using SAP (SD ) officially. So who knows where this may lead.
It has been many years since I left school but I rather enjoyed this further education.

I think I said this was just a quick visit so it is time I left, hopefully I will have more time to blog this year.
I will leave you with this lovely picture of the beach we use during our stay at our holiday home.I took this picture yesterday, the water was almost turquoise and it was so warm, Mr L & R had to drag me from the water. This pic is more for those of you on the other side of the world that could be shivering through cooler weather. Not to worry summer will be around all too soon.

 Happy Sewing



Sue-Anne said...

Hi Jean! Great to see what you have been up to! Love the quilt and the octagons and congratulations on 25 yrs AND your qualification!

What a beautiful photo of the water, you certainly live in a beautiful part of our country - Nic is headed up your way today.

Eve said...

How lovely to see your blog post. I find your blogs so inspirational, as I do your friend Liz's. Please try and update more often this year! I really love the colours and fabrics you choose for your stitching.

Margaret said...

I enjoyed your blog post very much! That last pic is a nice one to see while I'm shivering in my house. It's cold here! lol! I love your octagon quilt!!! My gosh! And the Bloom quilt -- is there a pattern? How large are the octagons? You've got me thinking. lol! Of course I said that about the hexies too. Hmmm. I really need to get back to quilting someday. Congrats on 25 years on the job. My DH passed that landmark at his company a while back. They didn't make any fuss when he reached 30 years. lol!

Dawn said...

SAP SD - that's been my life too ;-)
Wonder how many quilters can say that?

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Blooms, Bees and Butterflies quilt is beautiful! I love that fabric you picked for the squares, it really lets the blooms shine.
Best of luck to you!

Ann-Mari said...

Concratulation on 25 years and to new qualifications.
Hope your 2012 also will be happy, creative and crafty.
Your blog is the first aussie blog I found. Are still from time to time going back to old posts to get inspiration. Love your octagons. Outside my window it is pouring down with snow/train. I am happy and comfy cuddled up in my sofa with some paperpiecing.
Enjoy your last days of holidays. Ann-Mari

Cardygirl said...

Looks like nice weather at the Bay! Congratulations on your years of service and recognition of training...well done. Love the B quilt...always an inspiration! Enjoy the remainder of your break!

Janet said...

Hi Jean, it's such a treat to see your blog and hear what you've been up to. Congratulations on the cert 4. Love everything you and lizzie get up to, I drooled over the octagons when I saw them. Can you say what the spot fabric is?
Enjoy the rest of your holiday, you deserve it and have such a beautiful place to go.

Anonymous said...

I like to drop in now and then to see your lovely fabric choices for your paper piecing. I love your blog its so fresh and pretty. It may be the way you configure your photos with that soft edge. They always look so elegant!

Heather said...

Oh your quilt is just amazing! I love the fabric you are using. Congratulations on 25 years with your company, that is a huge accomplishment!

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love the quilt, it's beautiful!

Mary said...

I had to see your octagon quilt in the making after reading Janet's blog. It is fabulous! I may have to put this one on my to-do list. Enjoy all that beautiful water, sunshine and sand!!!

Anonymous said...

Where can I get the pattern for the little Hexies or whatever it is. I love what you have done!!!

anne said...

Congratulations on your Cert 4 well done. I love the Octagon quilt and I can work out the size of the octagons and squares but how to put it together sure is a problem for me. Any hints or tips or a tutorial would be great. Thank you in anticipation.

pussman said...

What a pretty quilt, I just pinned him on pinterest!

Patty Pickle said...

Hello! You have a beautiful blog! How big are the B quilt hexagons? I love it and have all these wild fabrics that would look great for it. Please visit my blog at Look for the Lollypop Trees and the Everyday Best. Both bright and beautiful. Keep up the good work! Patty Pickle