Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's a Great Day For Sewing

As I begin this post it has begun to pour , no excuses needed now, what else can a girl do but pull out any amount of projects and while the day away.
I call it mandatory de stress and this is needed at least one day a week but when the sun is shining usually the garden calls so today no need to feel guilty at all.

What have I been up to, aside from attending work 5 days, I have managed to assemble some more stars and hexagons for my version of the basket quilt. I am considering using greys and charcoals , checks , stripes and spots for the baskets, keeping the baskets fairly neutral I will use a myriad of colours in the flowers and leaves, I am thinking this may help from not overwhelming the overall effect and giving a sense of being over busy. ( I hope anyway).
I will be travelling to Germany in late November. I am attending an IT conference. Our parent company is going to prepare us for ANOTHER project for next year, oh no I am so over projects, after the huge system change we had this year. Anyway my point is What am I going to take to stitch on the plane and in my down time ?.
As much as I love hexagons and stars I am considering taking my hst and qst, a project I began after I fell in love with Lizzie's.
Now I know these are very quick to whip up by machine (go check out Robyn's Tut)but I like hand piecing, and as I cut out my clamshells and hexies and stars, I have been cutting out triangles and putting into little piles.

I can sit quietly and just piece away, easy to do in airport lounges, aircraft and hotel rooms.

I am going to construct mine in blocks of 9 x 9 then join them into a coverlet. Easier to handle for travelling purposes.
Not bad from the 'Queen of Starts' what do you think

This block is one side of a bag, ( I found it on the web, sorry can't remeber which blog) I started some time back and have hand quilted back and front panels , just need to hand quilt the gusset

The lining is this gorgeous Bee fabric. Maybe I could take the gusset and complete the hand quilting. One thing for sure I certainly won't be short of something to take.
My problem is room, I hate travelling with big bags and it is going to be really cold. )0 to 5 degress I am told so will need to fill the bag with boots and coat.

I also love it when the postman drops a package at the door. I know then it is going to be a good day !!
This week I was really spoilt from my gorgeous friend Lizzie

Some lovely pieces of fabric

and a diary. I so love the fabrics used in the clamshell quilt of the cover of the 2011 V & A diary.

The diary is a perfect size for my handbag but also has lovely pictures of quilts in the V&A museum. I want to make the all LOL.

It's still pouring so off to sew.
I hope where ever you are you can have some mandatory de stress time.
Happy Sewing


Kim said...

Such brilliant eye candy!!! I absolutely adore everything you're working on! I could just ogle your pics with those fabrics all day! I love the way you put things together. Lovely!!

Anonymous said...

I love your fabric and colour combinations! Can I have a fabric shopping lesson?
Your work trip sounds like a challenge. How do you solve the scissors problem when flying?

Donna in SW PA said...

oak leaf and reel is one of my favorites!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could come with you to Germany, miss the old home country. I know you are going for work and it won't be the same...
Maybe the Christmas markets have started when you get there?

Don't work to hard, love what you are working on.


ps. I am going to Houston week after next.

Vicki said...

Still gorgeous here so about to go outrside - got burnt yesterday! very pretty love the bee fabric. What's a coverlet?

Sue-Anne said...

Yum Yum Yum! Love the hexies and stars!!!! Jan has started her basket quilt too but I am waiting till I finish Swan Lake. Your half and quarter square triangle quilt is going to be gorgeous. I've seen Liz's on her blog and it is stunning. The applique block you are using for your bag is beautiful, I can see a whole quilt made of those blocks.

How exciting to be going to Germany, I hope you get time to do some sightseeing while you are there. My daughter went to Europe last Christmas and Germany was her favourite country.

sie tut es auch said...

to which part of Germany are you travelling? perhaps I can give you some tips for shopping or sightseeing ;o)

FabricandFlowers said...

Love your hexagons. I've got to try the diamonds. You put things together so well.

Taryn said...

I will enjoy your sewing day vicariously. It is a lovely, sunny, and warm autumn day here and the hubby has "plans." That means he's working outside and he cannot seem to do that alone. sigh. Here! Here! for hand piecing while traveling. Personally, I am working on stars so that's what I've bend toting along while flying this month.

Bertie said...

Love your wonderful bright post, the colours are fabulous and how you put it all together, fantastic.
Have a great time in Germany stitching all the way :))

be*mused jan said...

It's difficult to choose a favorite among your projects but I'm partial to your basket quilt pieces and look forward to seeing that develop. I saw the original quilt on exhibit in Chicago last year and know it will be wonderful interpreted in your color/fabric choices.

Kathie said...

oh I just love your oak leaf and reel block
your fabric choices are wonderful that pink/red and the yellow bees just has me smiling!!!!
love the stars, would love to tackle that basket quilt too, someday.
I am with Kate would love to have you come fabric shopping with me!

Robyn G. said...

Oh so much loveliness...
I'm always so inpsired by what you are doing and I'm so very happy to see you back and posting again.
It's been a busy year.

I LOVE your fabrics...they are divine and ageless... beautiful!!

HSTs are such fun..thanks for the link and enjoy your hand sewing.

Yesterday was so rainy still is today, but alas bookwork is calling today.
I spent lots of time on my clams yesterday though... very satisfying!!

What is the basket quilt... I'm behind on this.

Gee it's great to hear from you.

ranette said...

Oh Jean as always your posts leave me dreaming about beautiful fabric and lovely blocks and gorgeous quilts.

I want to come fabric shopping with you too...pretty please?!

broderie said...

i am loving the look of your hst, i am missing mine now that it is finished!!!!!!! hst's seem to be the latest thing out there, so old hat really! just joking of course! guess what i found, in the lovely box you made me, a whole lot more already to put together ready to add, that i had forgotten about. i will make a pillow shape cushion to go with my 'coverlet'! another lovely post!

ELP said...

I love the spider in the center of your hexie. You have a beautiful blog.

Janet said...

I think you must be the queen of fussy cutting too Jean. Everything you sew looks fabulous, love the bee fabric! Happy travels.

Miriam said...

I love all the fabrics you are using and your fussy cutting is wonderful!!
I hope you get the chance to do lots of stitching while you are traveling. Love the diary!

Siobhan said...

Like Kim said, I love the way that you put things together! You should hire yourself out as a buyer for people! ;) Your projects are amazing. I love them all, but I think my favorite is the hexie flower with the bug in the middle hexagon. Too fun!