Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fiddling and Fadling with little Progress

More than a month has passed since my last post and as the title suggests there has been little progress to report.

I am still working on my clamshell quilt, if you remember back to a previous post when I referred to myself as the queen of starts, it really made me think just how many projects I have on the go. That thought just depressed me. I needed to take stock and stay focussed on the tasks at hand.

This project is not happening as quickly as I would like, although I have to say I am really loving it as I get to play with lots of pieces of my favourite fabrics.

it is growing all be it slowly.

Of course there is also some cross stitching on the go, I need this for the traffic lights. I can't bear to be sitting in traffic or at traffic lights without some stitching, that is just an utter waste of time.

Blackbird Designs is one of my most favourite designers atm, their projects are lovely to stitch, they have loads of lovely pinkeeps and samplers and pincushions (a girl can never have enough pincushions, needlebooks and scissor fobs).

This project is the 'Peacock Pinkeep' you get to sew on lovely linen using luscious silk threads in such wonderful colours. They really take no time to stitch , one just needs to set aside some time to make them up.

Hopefully I will have some finished items to show you soon.

I have also mentioned in previous posts the wonderful fabric club from Patchwork on Stonleigh.

This year Susan and Christime have decided instead of a pattern each mailout to have a type of 'Block of the Mailout'. It is based on an old cross stitched sampler. I think the centre is going to be pieced in some way but the outside borders are based on old basket motifs. I am going to have my backgrounds on different sized black spots on an off white .

These baskets are in my favourite shade, Raspberry.

Once again we are in the Port Stephens area for the Easter break, fortunately the weather is behaving.

On my walk this morning it was wonderful to see families out enjoying the lovely weather, catching the end of season swims and hoping to catch something to cook on the barbie.

It was just so peaceful , wonderful for recharging my very depleted batteries.

The local council have done a lot of work on the Bridle Path , there are some magnificent native trees

this being a favourite, isn't the bark amazing, the tree almost looks barkless.Iykwim

I hope it won't be too long before posts but I must confess I have a huge project on at work. We are in the process of migrating our computer system to our parent company's system. This involves loads of testing, loads of communication with my German colleagues (language barriers). This is really zapping me of all my mental strength, please bear with me , this should be over at the beginning of June.
Wishing you all much happiness this Easter.


Carla said...

The clamshell quilt will be so awesome!

Vicki said...

Merry Easter you two!

Cardygirl said...

Hi Jean..glad you are having some rest over Easter! Love the clamshells...just beautiful. The basket looks great too. I also love Blackbird designs cross stitch...there are a couple on the go here too!Queen of Starts...LOL...aren't we all...I prefer to call myself an aspirational sewer! Have a safe & peaceful Easter!

broderie said...

i have just been putting a binding on a quilt and decided to just come and have a little computer time and surprise, surprise!!!!! you have done a post for us all for easter jean, fiddling and fadling is a favourite pastime of mine also! happy easter to you from me and friends, love your eggs in the nest and the gorgeous photos of your easter backyard!

Sue-Anne said...

Hi Jean. Lovely post. You take the most wonderful photos! I really love your clamshell quilt (may have to grab a lesson off you for that) and Browne Sisters Sampler is looking STUNNING so far. Can't wait to see more!

Enjoy your break at Port Stephens and hope those batteries get recharged. Happy Easter.

Michele Barnes said...

I love your blog, and really miss it when you don't post. Like Sue-Anne, I wish you'd do a clamshell tutorial. I have the papers, but I'm intimidated to begin. Good luck with the work project...and Happpy Easter! Michele

be*mused jan said...

So many lovely things in this post! Your basket quilt shot reminds me of a wonderful quilt I saw at the Tokyo show in January.
You can see some photos of it here in my Flickr album.

AllisonK said...

Your clamshell is lovely! It's something I would love to try someday.

Mannick...91 said...

Thank you for all these beautiful things about your blog and for the fabulous pictures ... here in France, it's raining and it's still cold even though it's Spring.
Happy Easter.


I have some things to finish as well, and I like to have on the go projects--I never thought to stitch at stoplights, though. Great idea.

Mama Spark said...

I love the clamshells and I would love it even more if you would show us how to actually do it (put them together) Pretty please??

Daniëlle said...

Of course I'll bear with you!! System migrating is a hell of a job!! Even without a language barrier! Will be thinking of you! Love your clamshells, there are quite a lot finished though! Yes, BBD fan also hihi! Cann't imagine their are people who don't like their patterns! Lots of succes, take care, hugs, Daniëlle

Catherine said...

Your quilt will be wonderful! Love that tree!

Taryn said...

I am loving your clamshell quilt. Those fabrics are yummy.

Janet said...

Gorgeous photos again Jean. The clamshells are lovely. The spot you've gone to looks wonderful and the weather looks perfect.

Maree: said...

Your Quilt is looking Great..I love BD Cross Stitching too.

Dixie said...

Your basket quilt looks very interesting. Really looking forward to seeing your finish on this. BD is my favorite cross stitch designer too - I have belonged to Loose Feathers from the very beginning.

Robyn said...

Jean I love everything you're doing and especially that fabulous clamshell quilt!!
I can really relate to how you feel presently... lets keep plugging along.
I hope you enjoyed your lovely break! Looks like a lovely time away.
Hope the work project goes smoothly.
Robyn xx