Sunday, August 2, 2009

Decisions Decisions

I am having difficulty deciding what to do in the centre of my Orange Peel Quilt. The centre of the original quilt I am really not that keen on. I also know from reading Kathie's blog she also wasn't too keen on that centre.
I have really fancied this wacky vase of flowers that was used in the centre of a crib quilt that was made and taught by Marg Sampson, a very popular teacher here in Australia through the 80's , 90's and early this century. I don't necessarily want to use all of the surrounding crowns and animals etc, but just the vase , what do you think. I also like the idea of using the year. This quilt featured on the front cover of an old Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine.
If any of you are interested there is another teacher here in Australia who has designed a quilt using a similar centre but with hearts around the border, and sells the pattern on her website.
It is Brigitte Giblin, Brigitte is an amazing quilter and teacher and designs some wacky quilts, but her ability to put weird and wonderful fabric together is extraordinary. If you ever have the opportunity to join in on one of her classes do so, she is very generous with her knowledge and time. Oh and by the way the pattern I am talking about of Brigitte's is Hearts and Vases quilts.

I have started work on my orange peels and have completed one of the large borders and one of the smaller blocks for the corner. As you can see 'red' won out for the joining circles, however I do not like the red that I have picked and it stands out more than ever in the photos. I actually had a sneaking suspicion as I was sewing them on , but I would walk out of the room and back in again trying to convince myself the colour was ok but it is not, I will buy a different red next time I'm at my LNS.

I have made quite a few of my peels but I need something like 160 odd , I have a roll on cutting them out and covering my template ( ok ok I can hear you clever girls out there that can needleturn however yes I am covering templates) that way I can get a really nice edge (excuses I know) Very cathartic in front of the telly.
Just 4 colour ways , Pink, Blue, Brown and Beige.

I have just had to show this divine fabric range. It is Rouenneries by French General. I guess you are aware of the book , 'The French Inspired Home' that was published some time ago.
This is a fabric range to compliment that. It is not available here in Australia until October, I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a 'Layer Cake' at Quiltsmith recently. I know she does have some of the Jelly Rolls still available.
I have a piece of old mangle cloth that I am going to mix in with these fabrics.
Can't wait to start cutting into it, however I must stay focused on the current quilts at hand and

I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a most wonderful Linen and Raspberry parcel that came my way recently. Among other things that were in that parcel was a cross stitch pattern for a pear and commencing that immediately was mandatory.
Liz from Broderie and I had a pear thing happening between us , Liz commented about some fabric she had seen on my blog and the long and short of it was I was so very spoilt as a result.
Now Liz has a birthday this month and to celebrate she is having a giveaway. Go leave a comment to be in the draw, but as well as that she has some real eye candy on that blog of hers. Liz is quilting a beautiful circle quilt at the moment , and on a spare bed she has her version of the candied hexagons. Check out the bed it has the most gorgeous cushions and pillows.

Oh well its time to pickup a needle so until next time
Happy Sewing


Blanca Abreu González said...

Hola ,,,un saludo desde españa gusta mucho ver tu blog...tienes cosas maravillosas

PatchworkRose said...

Hi Jean
I agree the red is not quite right.
A bit too bright a red. There are lots of other lovely reds around. Seems to me that you might just have to do a little shopping :-)
Love the Orange Peels so far. I am sure the right centre will speak to you when it is time.

Maree said...

Lovely post...lots of Eye Candy the Vase for the centre & I like the idea of the year as well...Gorgeous Fabrics.. love your Orange Peels...

ranette said...

Oh the orange peel quilt is just wonderful. I agree that the red is maybe just too bright. What about a "turkey red"? I would still throw in several yellow reds for interest. The vase in the center will be great!

I haven't seen any of the French General Fabric here yet either, not even layer cakes. I LOVE this line of fabric...somehow it really speaks to me and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Your pictures are always so pretty and inviting!

ranette said...

I meant yellow circles in that last comment....sometimes my brain must have a glich :o)

The Rabbit Factory said...

Your orange peel quilt is just wonderful...the centre medallion is coming along nicely. That French General Fabric is to die for...I'll have to go on line and check that out! Thanks for letting us bloggers know all about it.

Judith Tetley said...

Lovely work Jean....the centre panel is nice, like the idea of the year, love the vase, the four hearts grouped together and the sewing items. I like the bright red centres on the orange peels, they dance! I would use some of it in the centrepiece as well I think.
Kind Regards

Karen said...

So much eye candy! The vase for the center would be very nice.

Rebecca's Tea House said...

Beautiful Orange Peel quilt. I have never done one, this will inspire me! Can't wait for the French General fabric as well.....

Janet said...

I love the orange peels and I would think these will stitch up quite quickly after basting. They look perfect and the colours are great.

Bed Linen said...

This is gorgeous

C. C. said...

Hi Jean!

What a lovely blog you have. I, too, am working on an orange peel quilt (out of "Remembering Adelia" book). I am working on my needle turn applique; I'm not too good at it! I always leave my mistakes so that it looks like it was done years ago by a child (a VERY YOUNG child of years passed since they did a lot of GOOD hand work from a young age!) I don't have any pictures of it on my blog yet but maybe soon.

Very nice to meet you!

Have a nice day!

C. C.

Karen said...

The animal & pot quilt is unusual but I do like it very much.

Kathie said...

I am starting to cut for my orange peel quilt
still thinking of my center and a border for the quilt
I love what you have shown here, what a beautiful center this would be.
oh yes I cant' wait till I can buy some of that french general fabrics , love their reds!
hope all is well

Anonymous said...

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pics are great....
thanks for sharing....

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Anonymous said...


Adele said...

I just love your website and have made or in the making of most of the quilts that you have.

Love Karen Cunningham's quilts. Im originally from Albury and Patchwork on Stonleigh is in Wodonga and was a killer on pay day.

Karen Cunningham does Summer School a week of classes at Patchwork on Stonleigh in Wodonga in January each year.

But having moved to Ascot in Brisbane i can no longer attend :(

Adele xx