Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Been Snowing

On my arrival here in Germany, near Hannover, they were predicting snow later in the week and sure enough on Wednesday we had fine snow falling. It was so beautiful. Yesterday morning as we left our hotel it was brisk , as we drove closer to the office we noticed a much heavier coating on roofs and cars.
These were a couple of the many cars in the Hettich car park.
I guess I looked like a real tourist snapping these pictures, but as I hear you are sweltering at home I thought you may liked to be cooled down a little. there was a reasonable coating on the ground , it didn't hang around for long though.

This is the time of the year for the Christmas Markets , last Monday evening we went to an area known as Herford, by the time we arrived most of the markets had closed there were just a few food and of course the drink stands.
The Germans do not allow the cold stop them from going outdoors in the evening, they just rug up appropriately and get on with it. There is plenty of heating available if needed.

the bells are rung to the tunes of Christmas songs through out the evening.

I think we know these as toffee apples

no shortage of yummy food.

and of course there are trees everywhere decorated with lights. I can't tell you how pretty it all looks.

Today is my free day as I prepare to leave this gorgeous place tomorrow evening for my flight home.
I have had the most wonderful time. My German colleagues have been so hospitable as have any of the locals I have met. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.
One day I hope to return here with Mr L & R for a holiday.
Tomorrow on our way to Hannover we are going via an historic town known as Harmen , sorry to my German readers this is not how it is spelt but how it sounds.
Today I am taking a train to Herford so hopefully I can get some better pictures but as I look from my hotel window it is once again snowing wow it is so pretty. I will rug up and enjoy before I return to the heat.
Happiness in whatever you are doing.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Greetings From Germany

Communication from home in Sydney tells me that the temperatures have been quite warm. Here in Germany it is a very different story, it is around 2 degrees, let's say here that in our deepest winter downunder it is rare that we would have those kind of temperatures, but I have to say I am enjoying the experience.I rug up in a very cosy jacket as does everyone here and just get on with it. All of the buildings, houses and hotels have heating which is very comfortable, not too hot and I found out today that the warehouse of our company is also heated, not sure I should mention this to my colleagues in Sydney.

Well I arrived here yesterday morning (Sunday),after checking in to the hotel, decided it was better to go for a walk and try and join the timezone. (It would have been quite simple to just crawl into bed and catch some sleep).

There was really nothing open ( I am in country Germany near a place called Kirchlengen)however I came across a little Florist that was open for Advent. Next weekend is the official opening of the Christmas markets but I think some of the shops are gearing up for this season and selling their decorations and ornaments.
I have taken a few pictures in this little Florist shop, they are not brilliant , there were a lot of people in there as they were offering punch and coffee and some Gingerbread, also the light was not brilliant but you will get the idea.
This was the entrance it was this window display that attracted me to stop, I love the pots with the topiary, in the middle is a make believe snowball one with an elf atop and the other with a small Santa.

I would love to bring one of these trees back to Oz but they are real and that would be a no no, notice the squirrel made from tree bark in the background.

another little display just inside the entrance

candles with greenery set among them, and a close up of the Topiary

these candle sticks were interesting, using old pages on the stick itself and once again greenery and nuts to set the candle amongst.

just another area , jars of pinecones,I really love the use of live greenery and one can never have too many candles.

How cute are these little pots with the toadstools, a little red corner.

These little pots with miniture Spruce trees were out on the street

more candles and baubles

The use of tree lights helped make the atmosphere

I think this white wreath was one of the few items that didn't have some living plant attached to it but I don't have room in my bag.

During my walk I noticed a lot of these serious wood storage sheds. Gearing up for a very cold winter I guess

and an amble up one or two streets to check out the house styles

a little stream flanked with bare trees surely gives the feel of winter

This I found amazing, at the front door of this very nice hotel which is my home for the next week, not the fact that it was a designated smokers area but the fact that a heater was provided. Looks like it was well used

and finally this sign. This sign was at Frankfurt airport as I was about to get on my connection to Hannover.
Those of you that read this blog wouuld know this year I have been working on a project using this software. Don't get me wrong I love SAP but this project has seen our Australian subsidary move to our parent company platform and it has not been what I would call a good move. I have used SAP for the last 11 years and we had it working perfectly for our business in Australia. Germany have vastly different ways and ideas that have not been so successful for Australia so I coudn't resist this picture which I promptly sent to my boss. I shan't print his reply.
Well I have had what I would call a brilliant day to day and tomorrow is the start of my two conference for a new version of SAP for next year so I now need my beauty sleep so until next time take care, have fun and most importantly
Happy sewing

ps I have just used the spell check and every word has been flagged, I guess it thinks this should be German lol lol so sorry in advance for any errors but I am tired and need sleep

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Winner on This Beautiful Sunny Spring Morning

As I pack my bag full of winter woollies to venture to the other side of the world, I thought I would share with you a couple of pictures of our garden on this beautiful sunny spring morning and announce the winner of the giveaway. The random number generator picked lucky 13 and checking back it looks like Nyla.

Just quickly , you can see I only have 3 more rows on my clamshell quilt. That will be attended to on my return. Whatever you are doing , have fun
Happy Sewing

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sampler Blog Along

Firstly I must say 'thanks' to Chookyblue for organising this sampler blog along.
Most of these samplers are unframed , although I still have many in frames ,I will leave that for another post maybe.
As there are quite a few pictures I won't include a lot of dialogue as you will want to visit all the other participants. Blackbird designs from one of their cross stitch books.
I love anything quirky and alphabet going around the corner attracted me to this sampler.

I am a fan of 'With my Needle' patterns by Ellen Chester. This needlecase is yet to be made up

as are the accessories, one day !

some more pincushion covers to become pincushions.

not so sure I like the bright colours in this sampler

maybe I will hang it on the clothesline for about a year.

This is a Quaker by Good Huswife (I think). The pattern was called Little Red R

I said I loved quirky

another Goode Huswife I 'm sure
I really enjoy stitching samplers with many motifs
another Goode Huswife pattern, using some of my coffee dyed linen

Samplers with a Christmas theme were also a favourite

another little quirky sampler

in my favourite colour

This sampler has a lot of my own touches to it. From memory it was a French inspired sampler I added and changed many of the motifs

This remains unframed as when I completed it I wasn't in love with it, I thought it a little bland.

Now if you have got to the end of this and would like to be in the draw for this sampler, please leave a comment and I will draw this, hopefully next Saturday before I leave for Germany.

I hope you have enjoyed this Sampler Show and Tell and please Blog A long to the other girls.

I have tried to add all of the links but can't seem to do it please check out Chooky Blue for a list.
till next time
Happy Stitching