Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Week That Was

Well what can I say about this week. This week has had its disappointments,at times it has been emotional, frustrating, I have been outside my comfort zone, I have been self reflecting , soul searching, happy. Most of all ,I guess I can say I have made it through the other side. I have realised that I have the most amazingly wonderful friends and loving family , that is the most important lesson one can learn. Enough of that now and on with some show and tell.
At our class last week even though we didn't have a teacher we had a little show and tell before we all went on our way to do other things. These are some of the blocks that form part of the second round of my sampler quilt. These blocks allow us to really showcase the lovely fabrics that are in our stash.
I especially loved constructing this block. The pieces are quite tiny , but I rather like the colour combination.

A chance to combine piecing and applique.

The pic below is Sharon's centre and the blocks that surround it. I so love the fabric she is fussy cutting to make her Lucy Boston block.

The other lovely thing about this quilt, is using pieces of fabric that have some real meaning, in this instance Sharon has used some fabric from her Grandmother's nighties, Sharon used it in the four patch of the block in the bottom left hand corner of the picture below, it is that gorgeous pink tulipy one next to the blue piece.

The pic below is the beginning of Paddy's quilt. Paddy has done amazingly well considering she has missed a class and has also finished a quilt that I have shown below . Paddy and I share a love of those lovely strong coloured Dutch fabrics.

Here is the quilt I was referring to. Paddy has hand pieced this and showcased a lovely Dutch Chintz in the centre.

I especially love the fussy cutting in some of the blocks

This quilt has been made by Maureen for a friend of hers that she went to school with. Maureen is just a lovely lady who sits so quietly in class but believe me she is the quiet achiever of the group. From time to time she just arrives with little surprises to show us, it is one of the nice things about be part of a group is the sharing and caring, don't you think.

Well that was the week that was.
Until next time
Happy Sewing

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Material Obsession

Today was to be my next class with karen on my sampler, somehow dates got confused and we had no teacher, anyway on my way home feeling a little disappointed I rang a friend of mine and we agreed that we would meet at Material Obsession in the Sydney suburb of Gladesville and have a bit of a catch up and a coffee. Sometimes things just turn out for the better. I was so pleased we decided to catch up as the divine 'Miss Kathy' was in the house and we had such a lovely catch up.

Material Obsession is a great quilt store and if you have the opportunity to pay a visit do so.
I know Kathy is going to have a stand at the quilt show at Darling Harbour in June (June 10-14) but her store is not that far from Darling Harbour easily accessible by bus or car and she has the most eclectic range of fabrics. I managed to part with just a little money to purchase these gorgeous fabrics, how divine for fussy cutting, or whatever.

I couldn't resist this one either

I am sure that those of you that read Kathy's blog will have already seen the stunning work that is produced between these walls, but I thought I would just give you a little reminder.

Even if you are trying to resist the urge to splurge, let me say it will be impossible.

This quilt is featured in the latest edition of Quilters Companion magazine, it is so lovely to see these quilts in real life.

Some more of kathy's quilts and in the background the lovely 'Gypsy Kisses'. I think all of that cut fabric might be going to Darling harbour, if it lasts that long.

Plenty of notions to be had along with inspiration, inspiration , inspiration as well as the most friendly welcoming service.
What more could a couple of girls want on a wet miserable Saturday afternoon.

I'll be back soon with an update on the progress of my sampler, along with the girls in my class.
Until next time happy sewing

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Mixed Bag

After my Mum passed away in 2001 my sister and I made a pact that we would always celebrate Mothers Day together. We have done this ever since and yesterday was no exception.
We usually buy each other something small and this is what I received from my sister Elain.
Elain has picked up her knitting needles again after having them rested for many years. I think perhaps she thinks I should pick up mine.
This book contains some really amazing patterns , both knitted and crocheted. I was also lucky enough to receive a knitted Lavender as part of my gift, that my sister knitted, How lovely is this .
When we were making plans on Saturday for our Mothers Day get together , I was asked if my DH was going to join us as she had knitted him a jumper and she wanted to present him with it.
My immediate thought was, oh dear I hope he likes it if she has gone to all that trouble , as she would be expecting him to wear it, I also thought gee this knitting bug really has bitten.
Imagine my surprise when we were both presented with a jumper. Mine was the Aaron jumper.

We all had a great laugh , but how cute are these egg cosies.

I have been beavering away on my sampler blocks. I have to make four of each block and that can be a bit tedious , so I do make small changes, I have to be careful not to make too big of a change for fear of losing the effect and it getting too busy.

I have also been doing some more fussy cutting hexagons, bit addicted really

I know I know I know these pictures have uploaded on their side, I have no idea what I have done to get them like this, but you also know that once you have uploaded into blogger and then delete them and upload them again it ends up out of order , sorry you will have to turn your head on your side, I hope you don't suffer with vertigo :-).

As I am joining in on a pincushion swap I have been having a look at my collection. This is one I bought from Cathy that a good friend of hers makes. How cute is it, to good to use really.

A couple of readers were interested in some more pages from 'Star Quilts outside the Box' book from a previous post.
This is one of my favourites it is the '1938 Floating Clouds
I love this red ,green and yellow Oklahoma star.

And how could this not make you smile , this colourful whirligig. I think I could bring out my 1930's fabrics again.

Janet recently posted about a quilt show of antique quilts she had attended, which jogged my memory about a quilt top I bought from Jenni Burton some years back.
It has been sitting waiting for me to quilt it , but before I can do that I need to repair some parts of it and that has put me off, although I guess as long as it is repaired the imperfection's will not matter.
Mainly shirting stripes have been used, which is what drew me to it initially, also the colour red of course.

It has been put together fairly primitively but that is its charm

A few stains here and there and corners not quite matching, maybe we could learn a lot from this.

Have a great week and happy sewing.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Quick Update

For those of you that love sewing paraphernalia especially pincushions, Sandy is hosting a pincushion swap. You have until the 10th May to sign up. I am sure it will be loads of fun. I have a button on my side bar that will take you to Sandy's page and you can learn all about it.
Janet has also shown her collection of pincushions so there is a wealth of inspiration there along with a tutorial or so. Take a look you won't be disappointed.

A few girls that read my blog have asked me about the curved hexagon blocks that I am sewing for my 'French Spring' quilt.
The pattern can be found inside this book.
here is an example of one sewn up.

this is what the templates look like.
I have had this book for sometime but I am sure it would be still available.
There are some really great blocks inside, if you want a further look leave me a comment and let me know.

Until next time Happy Sewing