Thursday, September 24, 2009

Note To Self

Don't you just love that saying !
Yesterday I discovered a shop in Epping named just that. It is a lovely home wares store, filled with a myriad of home wares to suit all tastes.
There are 3 partners and I discovered they all have a love of sewing, so they will have some handmade items available for sale.
They are extremely enthused about their venture and there was plenty of excitement in their voices as they spoke of their future plans and products.

Everything is displayed beautifully and I am sure there would be something to suit all tastes.

Next Thursday October 1st , they are celebrating SPRING , so if you are in the area be sure to call by, I am sure it will a treat for the eye, I know they will have some special treats in store along with some nibblies and cordial.

I especially love to decorate with White and Natural type colours and textures , and this was a real feast for the eyes.

I even managed a little splurge. Are you wondering what is in the package?

I just couldn't resist these candlesticks, they are like battered concrete .

Once they have been outside for a while and get weathered look I am sure they will fit right in amongst the plants.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of 'Note To Self'. They are located at 50 Rawson Street, Epping , NSW, ph 9868 5033
See you soon

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Quick Magazine Update

Whilst I was scouring the library(newsagent) last week I noticed this magazine.
I must admit I didn't think the cover was particularly enticing, however I did flick through it and it had a couple of patterns that I didn't mind.
Remember this gorgeous soft pouch that was made for me by the very talented Janet.
The pattern is in this magazine.
This pouch is one of the best pouches I have been lucky enough to receive. It sits just perfectly and you can see everything inside at a glance and its very roomy also.

I also loved these little bags ( One can never have too many pouches and bags ) They make great presents and don't take too much fabric or time to construct.

If you need anymore information or have trouble finding this magazine drop me a mail and I'll see if I can help.
Happy scouring

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back on Terra Firma

Thankfully my vertigo has finally taken a hike. Three weeks of constant dizziness was just too much to cope with.
My heartfelt thank you to the many of you that sent lovely messages and even ideas of how to help it to pass. I really really appreciate your kindness and concern.
I have been travelling again, which I did with a little trepidation as I felt perhaps it was caused by flying , but no ill effects after this past trip.
Most of my sewing has been on my orange peels and hexagons as they are very portable. I have been busily sewing on red circles , which really finish off the orange peels, imho anyway.
I have been a bit obsessed with fussy cutting, it really changes the way you look at a piece of fabric, even 'ugly' fabrics have a place.

I guess I really should start thinking about my centres, I just keep pulling out fabrics , some that haven't seen the light of day for years.

The pile is slowly growing, but part of the process is the enjoyment of fabric sorting and letting my imagination run wild. I tell you I can make quilts so fast in my head, just wish that speed could be converted to my hands and of course more hours in a day would be most welcome.
Raspberry and pink being amongst my favourite colours.

These two being from the same fabric , just cut from different parts of the pattern, giving very different effects.

My recent trip for work was to Brisbane, after my workshop had concluded I managed to borrow a car and hi tail it over to Quilters and Embroiders store in Salisbury.
What an amazing shop, thousands of bolts of fabric, but extremely well organised. Some shops out there have bolts and bolts of fabrics , but no organisation, I am afraid I am not a rummage shopper and I don't tend to connect with those shops.
Quilters and Embroiders have quite a few bolts of fabric that have been around for a while so if you ever need that bit of fabric to finish a project , that could be just the place to start.

I did manage to part with some hard earned money and yes I know you are probably thinking that my choice of fabrics have been around for a while , but remember I am thinking hexagons, fussy cut at that, and I think I could get some great effects from these.

Another of my loves is photography, and I love to experiment taking different subjects. Today I had a scout around and these next few pics are pieces lying around.

These corks are in a large dish at our holiday place. I have a love of natural colours and textures and decided I would start saving corks, more for a talking point, corks today are being replaced by screw tops so they will become collectible I am sure. The corks we collect have to be name stamped, any cork as long as it has some text on it.
I know what you are thinking, and yes we don't mind the odd glass of medicine and yes we do heaps of entertaining here but we have had a helping hand from a rellie who happens to work for a specialist wine merchant.

Another love is the garden although we don't have a huge amount of time these days, hopefully in retirement some more time will be readily available.
I think a garden needs the sound of water, it adds a sense of calmness , this fountain is in our garden and has been bought from previous homes, Mr L & R has told me this is the final resting place for this fountain, as it is very heavy . It took two burley guys to get in position . I love it and don't think I could leave it behind , will cross that bridge when the time comes.

Until next time
Enjoy yourselves in whatever you do

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Head is Spinning

Literally. I came back from my trip to the West and have had the most massive dose of vertigo.

It has been plaguing me for two weeks . I have suffered with this in the past but never has it lasted this long.

I did manage to get a few hexagons together into rosettes , it is always such fun to fussy cut and see what designs can be made from a piece of fabric. In the collage below , the picture in the second row left most , the two hexagon rosettes were cut from the same piece of fabric with very different results. I had a bit of photo fun here , placing my collection so far of fussy cut rosettes under a glass cloche. My intentions are to have a pile that will fill the cloche. I need to make 88 rosettes to go around a border, I will keep you posted on my progress and then reveal the quilt.

Here is a sprinkling without their centres. I have been asked when do I add my centre. I do it last as I tend to collect fabrics that will make great centres (snippets of examples featured in the collage) when the rosette is complete I then decide what to put in the centre.

This weekend we have come up to the Port Stephens region (approx 200 kms north of Sydney) where we have a small holiday cottage that we are renovating. (A project for Mr L & R).

It is a really lovely coastal water land and as we love the beach it is a perfect spot to relax.

Last evening after a hard days work we took ourselves out to the waters edge to watch the sun disappear over the horizon.

Had to take the mandatory glass of medicine. (NZ Sauv Blanc no less )

It was such a peaceful calm evening with loads of photographers out taking advantage of the wonderful sunset.

This morning we woke to another perfect day and decided to walk along the Bridle path into town to have coffee. This beach is part of that track and the water was so clear just begging to be swam in , however there was still a chill in the air, we didn't feel so inclined to accept the invitation at this stage but it won't be too far into the future before we do so.

In a previous post I mentioned to you that I receive a fabric club mailout once a quarter from Patchwork on Stonleigh in Wodonga on the NSW VIC border.
I have been a memeber of this fabric club for probably longer than I care to remember but it really is such great value and especially if you have a love of reproduction fabrics. Patchwork on Stoneligh specialise in Reproductions.
I received this pack last week., isn't the serpentine fabric fab.

It is such great value, I think about $15.oo quarter, you get 10 fabrics approx 10.5 x 10.5. A really newsy newsletter, a pattern and a colour printed sheet showing the new fabrics about to hit the shelves. Once you join you also get 10% discount on all purchases for the year that you join along with other privileges.
I have never met Christine or Susan but I can say I have spoken with Christine many times on the phone and it has always been a pleasant and helpful experience.
It is also a plus to have a package turn up in the mail.

Until next time
Happy sewing